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Hi everyone

Was lurking around and taking useful tips from posters on this board.

I had painful fissures after birthing my first baby 2.5 yrs ago. I managed them with diet and finally nitroglycerin until I got pregnant with my second whom I delivered 8 weeks back. During the pregnancy I had anal bleeding but no pain. Everytime I saw my colorectal surgeon he said that if I had a fissure, it had healed.

After the delivery however, the pain returned and I had multiple fissures again. Finally I got the LIS last week and dont see the doctor for another 3 weeks. Primarily the pain is in the site f the incision. The worst fissure seems to now be painless (it was also cauterized to remove the sking tag) but after 5 days post-op, there is now pain and the ripping feeling in a new location - feels like a new fissure has opened up! And there is blood in the stools and the same old muscle spasming feeling. I remember the surgeon saying that after the surgery the blood supply would be abundant and the fissures would almost immediately stop hurting.

Can anyone comment based on experience if this is a cause for concern. Has the surgery failed to fix me or do I need to wait longer to see results? Posts I have read here seem to talk about prolonged healing but related to the oriinal fissure - not about new fissures coming post-LIS.

I have also been reading online that multiple fissures are associated with other disorders such as Crohn's. Although I kept bringing it up, my surgeon doesn't believe I have that condition.

At this time I am quite disappointed and feeling helpless. Please share your experience or thoughts.


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