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... Hi my name is Miranda and I am a teen. I havnt started my period yet but recently when I go to the bathroom, when I wipe myself, there is little blood on the toilet paper but not in the stool nor has there been in my underwear. It is freaking me out. This has been going on for about a few months. ... (0 replies)
... On Saturday, I ate some extremely spicy Korean food. It was probably the hottest food I have eaten in a long time. Tuesday, I had a bowel movement. The actual stool didn't look bloody and there was no blood in the toilet, however there was a moderate amount of blood on the toilet paper. ... (4 replies)
... on the toilet paper after a bowel movement. Initially, the stool was the same as before. Recently, it has become loose and feels like it will be watery but never is. ... (5 replies)

... I am probably freaking out too much on this, but here goes. A few months ago I noticed some bright red blood on the toilet paper after I wiped. ... (7 replies)
... This is probably the second time this has happened to me in my life, and only in the past month or so. ... (0 replies)
... I often have blood on the toilet paper when I wipe after a bowel movement. It doesnt happen all the time but most times when it takes me a while to wipe and more so when im using harsh toilet paper. Is it possible that I just have weak tissue down there? ... (3 replies)
... I'm a 19 year old male, and really quite worried! I noticed a small amount of blood on the toilet paper after a BM, my heart started pounding, all sorts running through my head but finally managed to calm down. ... (1 replies)
Blood on TP
Jan 10, 2006
... et again, and my stomach is starting to bother me, Does anyone have any idea what this could be, I am going to see if it continues tomorrow then make a appt with the doctor again, Thanks for any help, Kind of afraid to what it could be Could it be ulcers that have been there and busted? ... (1 replies)
... Most likely the blood is from a hemorrhoid and this had nothing to do with sex. ... (3 replies)
... Blood on the toilet paper could be either hemmorhoids or anal fissure. ... (1 replies)
... Hello, when i wipe i have blood on the toilet paper but experience no pain and i cannot tell if there is blood in my stool or not. What could be the cause, I am 16 years old. ... (2 replies)
... I'll notice some blood in my stools...nothing too major, but I did notice and see blood. ... (5 replies)
... and just tonight noticed blood on the toilet paper and a bit in the bowl. I know it is because I had been straining a lot lately and constipated, but man, that doesn't make it any nicer when this stuff starts happening! ... (7 replies)
... I have a quick question. I have read a lot and think I know the answer but I will ask anyway. ... (3 replies)
... and occurrences usually stop fairly quickly after I "lay off" a bit. That doesn't seem to ALWAYS be the case, but I'll ask a question on this in a moment. ... (3 replies)
... I have been drinking a lot of coffee in the last days which I noticed tends to make the stool very hard. Last time I had bowel movement there was red blood on the toilet paper! ... (1 replies)
Pain in anus area
Jun 26, 2007
... It sounds like you could have an anal fissure. The description you give of bright red blood on the toilet paper and feeling like you are passing glass are classic symptoms of a fissure. ... (2 replies)
... I agree with 92261 that perhaps you should be examined since there are other things that can cause bleeding. :eek: (2 replies)
... For over a year I have had seen little spots of blood on the toliet paper ever so ofter, but yesturday there was blood in the toliet and on the toliet paper. I am 21 years old, I was wondering if its hemmroids. Please Help. And today there was no blood anywhere. ... (2 replies)
Blood in the stool
Jun 22, 2016
... Hello friends, I've been experiencing occassionally times when I would have a streak of bright blood on the side of my stools, accompanied by more fresh blood on the toilet paper after wiping. ... (3 replies)

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