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Convinced it's IBS
Jul 19, 2011
... wice a day to bulk up your bm's. Just make sure you drink another 8 oz. glass of water right afterwards or will end being constipated. If your food is coming out in your bm they way it went in then you need to chew it up more before swallowing. Drink more water and eat some soluble fiber like oatmeal,celery,watermelon. ... (3 replies)
... Last year, I had a pretty rough second semester of my freshman year, my brother was very very sick at home and I started to feel sick. This feeling sick has lasted about 8 months now, and my therapist believes that it is from anxiety. ... (0 replies)
... Thank you for looking at this message. ... (21 replies)

... It could be from the virus you had. The stomach virus that caused the diarrhea may have also irritated the intestinal lining which in turn caused inflammation. ... (4 replies)
... Try keeping a diary of everything you eat and drink for two weeks and how your bowel movements are whether very loose or severe constipation after eating. Record the times you eat and when you have bowel movements and how often you have them. ... (1 replies)
... Michelle, I had diarrhea the day of surgery and also experienced the awful mess of thinking I had gas and it turned out to be something else and could not make it to the bathroom in time, thank goodness I had a towel under me. ... (139 replies)
... in your intestines in balance especially when you have to be antibiotics for any kind of bacterial infections. ... (21 replies)
... try the Lamaze technique of breathing. ... (2 replies)
... when i was young around 13, i skipped a lot of meals. my tummy then became quite acidic, there were times where i had to go to the toilet, i was in the 6th grade. 1st year highschool, I had some episodes, getting nervous and going to the toilet but very minimal. 2nd year highscool, it got worse. ... (0 replies)
... Tuesday night I ended up having to go to the bathroom with diarrhea three times before nine a.m. I thought maybe it was the turkey sandwich I'd eaten a couple hours before bed, or maybe even the Wendy's I had for lunch that day. ... (1 replies)
Bowel Issues
Feb 22, 2012
... need to move your bowels then you're constipated. I have IBS and constipation problems all my life and I am almost 51. Last March I decided that I had enough of the pain and misery of being constipated all the time so I decided I needed to make some major lifestyle changes. ... (1 replies)
... HAve you had a colonic transit test or a manometry? I was dx with pelvic floor dysinergy . Have not found a cure (8 replies)
... (8 replies)
... I have similar problem does the bloating cause shortness of breath or difficulty of taking a deep breath. Do u have gurgling in the tailbone area? ... (8 replies)
... Ihave similar symptoms does it hurt to sit? I was dx with abnormal anal sphincter relaxing. Do have to strain to go ? Been through biofeed back that didn't help let me know if you have to strain. (8 replies)
... being at a point of desperation and getting very depressed about my situation has brought me to these message boards. ... (8 replies)
... This will most likely be a long post, thank you for your patience. Sorry it took me a bit to check in, kind of had to get in yet a "different" type of bathroom routine. ... (116 replies)
Nov 24, 2003
... pasting for you the steps ANYONE in this recovery needs to follow. Unfortunately pain medication that you are getting constipates, and this is number one reason you are having hard stools. ... (996 replies)
Nov 20, 2003
... pages and you will find all the details of what you need to do, and what is normal, far more than I can cover or take the time to type. ... (996 replies)
... i won't really have a chance to go to the doctor this week, but i've been experiencing some symptoms that are wearing me down, both physically and emotionally. ... (0 replies)

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