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... is milk bad when you have diverticulitis (1 replies)
... They made me very much aware that in the future bouts of diverticulitis could lead to surgery. That you're facing what I will likely have to one day is encouraging, as you seem to be so strong in the face of it all. And calm! ... (5 replies)
... ago I began noticing pain in my lower abdomen that extended into my lower left abdomen. I thought perhaps because I'd been having constipation problems, I'd take Milk of Magnesia and see if that helped. ... (2 replies)

... I can't say if you are actually having more attacks, but I am about 3 1/2 months post surgery and feeling better than ever after making some changes. I found that I would have pain similar to a diverticulitis attack (lower left quadrant pain, a feeling like something was in there, swelling) if I ate the wrong things and didn't drink enough water. After switching back to a... (1 replies)
... d it. She also recommended something called Swiss Kriss that you can get at a health food store. I have no idea what that is. My son also mentioned that moose milk is thought to have very healthful properties for your gastro area. I looked it up and he was right. ... (35 replies)
... I have never heard anyone claim that milk lead to diverticular attacks. ... (1 replies)
... I take 3 doses a day of Fiber-sure. I put it in milk, coffee, water. (2 replies)
... My attacks were always sudden, although looking back I could see some triggers (one happened after my b/f took me to Sizzler for dinner, another after I ate a big platter of carnitas). There was no slow buildup of pain, it was severe and sudden, although I learned how to tell when my colon was irritated and I could try to treat it with lots of water, drinking milk, eating... (6 replies)
... Scared59- I also had the Lapryscopic procedure (3 weeks ago today). I felt like I was run over by a truck! I was in the hospital 10 days. This is the first week that I'm starting to feel quite a bit better. Things will get better w/the Bowel Movements. I was very fearful as well and last week posted a similar cry for help. I brought this concern/fear to the attention of... (2 replies)
... is normal but the sick stomach has nothing to do with it. I take probiotics, Zantac but find the best thing to help me is milk when I get sick. I hope you find relief and please let me know if you find out anything also. Living like this is just not any way to live. ... (4 replies)
Very discouraged
Mar 17, 2005
... Avoid those containing nuts. Count custards, ice cream and other milk based desserts as part of daily allowance. ... (27 replies)
... A few years ago now he went to see a nutritionist, who I think may have said that he had an intolerance to lactose. When he drinks milk he has to put some special stuff in it so that he can drink it. Would that be lactoid? ... (8 replies)
... My BMs have been a little strange too, but I have to say that I might not know what a normal BM is anymore. I had undiagnosed diverticulitis for years and just kind of grew to accept abrupt D, irregular movements and scanty poop and just about every other kind of thing. ... (419 replies)
... I have Crohns and have for years and now I am also having diverticulitis problems so I know how first hand a bad gut can mess you up. ... (12 replies)
... I don't know if diverticulitis causes bleeding or diarrhea..but that too can be a possibility....but you're not having that's probably not it at all. ... (91 replies)
... So I’ve tried searching for: orange, apricot, soft lump, blob...anything I can think of but nothing has come up. Hoping I might find help here. So a few days ago I noticed something funny in my morning, post-coffee, stool. Whereas the stool appeared mostly normal (smooth, light brown, well-formed), there was a lump in it. Color of a dried apricot, size of a cough lozenge. ... (1 replies)
... Keep a food diary for a couple of weeks and note what foods cause any problems like gas. Broccoli,asparagus,cabbage,brussel sprouts, and beans are some of the gassiest foods. I get a lot of trapped gas and it's usually a really good indication I need to have a bowel movement to relieve the gas and pressure I feel from it. When I get this trapped gas I go into the bathroom and... (4 replies)
... I like my diet. It's not like I'm being unhealthy or unreasonable. I read something on the internet earlier about possible illnessess being the cause of gas, diverticulitis being one of them. I only mention that because my grandfather had that. That scares me a little. ... (4 replies)
... seems to be at dinner times. During the day I eat a sandwich or soup. Eggs for breakfast. If I eat a cream type soup I get cramps and I head to the bathroom. Milk does not bother me. Hubby thinks I have IBS but I think its something else. ... (21 replies)
... My dad has diverticulitis and doesn't experience nausea. My Dr. ... (4 replies)

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