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... ink as much water as i should, so i guess i kinda deserve it, but it seems to me ur a fit guy, lifting weights , etc... so you should get the anal sphinterectomy surgery done and then move on with your life. ... (73 replies)
... I am a 27 year old male that has been battling with anal fissures now for six years. The problem initially started around March of 2003. I started experiencing pain while having bowl movements. ... (73 replies)
... I've done the LIS surgery one month ago; unfortunately I can not say to you that it's an easy process: these last weeks were the worst of my life due to the post surgery pain; unfortunately I've developped an infection with abcsess which send me back to a 2nd surgery on the last 27th July; I'm now starting to see some minor improvements: less pain and easier bowel movements;... (8 replies)

... I had LIS surgery in late December of 2009. i had several really tiny fissures. at my month checkup my doc said my fissures were all healed. i was still having some slight pain at the incision site though and that continued on for several more weeks afterwards. ... (6 replies)
... The procedures I had done actually consisted of removing the fissures and one or more hemorroids. It was extremely painful. The surgery was done by a doctor is his 60s that was a Colon and Rectal specialist. ... (73 replies)
... Everything I know about fissures (Not in any particular order) 1) see a board-certified colorectal doctor (not a gastro or general surgeon) 2) in every medical field there are good doctors, so-so doctors, and bad doctors. If you don't like what your colorectal doctor has to say to you or how he treats you, find another one!!! 3) your doctor does not need to put his... (12 replies)
... a poor attitude, and interrupted family relationships. I decided to get surgery when it began to affect my work. My job assignment finally got to the point where I had time to deal with it without the World caving in. This was a mistake. ... (73 replies)
... Well, as it turns out, after LIS, I also developed a perianal abscess, and had to have a second surgery to have it drained. The difference between my case and dcarvalho's case is that my abscess was caught early, just 2 weeks after LIS. ... (8 replies)
... xcellent clue that your fissure has gone chronic and probably tearing into the muscle tissue provoking the spasms. It's a viscious cycle. I finally had the LIS surgery in August and feel tremendous. Everything ericollin wrote is true. I tried healing mine all the conservative ways. ... (12 replies)
... I was told I need PPH but have not scheduled the surgery yet. ... (1 replies)
Anal Fissures
Oct 16, 2016
... Hi there, I am a 47 year old male and have been dealing with superficial anal fissures for over a year now. They heal, and reoccur every few weeks or so. I had them in the past but it wasn't as frequent. I do get them after having hard stools. ... (0 replies)
... I had painful fissures after birthing my first baby 2.5 yrs ago. I managed them with diet and finally nitroglycerin until I got pregnant with my second whom I delivered 8 weeks back. ... (0 replies)
... I am 28 year old woman and am going in for PPH surgery tomorrow morning at the AL Colon and Rectal Institute. I have stage 3 internal hemorrhoids. ... (1 replies)
Surgery, please
Jan 7, 2016
... ve some kind of test for prolapse.Fissures can happen with diaorrhea and probably the excruciating pain you are experiencing is from fissures. Apply Diltiazim on fissures and eat metamucil with yoghurt to control diaorrhea..Toast and bread also helps in diaorrhea. ... (5 replies)
... Hi all, I learned fairly recently that I've had anal fissures for about 2 1/2 years. I spent a long time thinking it was just hemorrhoids, and I think I do have some of that as well, but long story short anal fissure is pretty clearly my main problem. The doc who diagnosed it (who is a surgeon) recommended a lateral sphincterotomy and recommended against any other route (he... (7 replies)
... opened the fissure about 2 weeks after the surgery but only experienced pain and bleeding for a couple days. ... (6 replies)
... laxative, analpram one percent, and 4 sitz baths a day, and fiber. The fissures go and come but never stay away for long. I have recently had back surgery and the fissures are out of control. I called the doctor today and they can't examine me because of the back surgery. ... (12 replies)
Diet and fissures
Aug 25, 2005
... et fissures. Sure the huge, gigantic one I had was sewn up,thankfully but being told I needed to still prevent new ones... I was thinking then WHY go through the surgery at all? ... (8 replies)
... fissure, I was totally fine for an entire year, then I changed countries and the food I guess hit me hard and I developed another fissure, at first i thought of surgery again but I was hesitant since i got it again. From my personal experience, I will recommend your new best friend, Hot Water Soakings. ... (3 replies)
... The surgery itself it wasn't a big deal at all..went smoothly..its now11 days abut i still have pain from the fissures but not the surgery....i felt like the pain from fissure disappeared after the surgery for like 6 days but then i was eating lots of fiber and had BM every day.. ... (57 replies)

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