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... I'm having the same problem I taking a med the gives me gry moth and really bad constipation it happen to me 1 time a wile ago and it was really bad I couldt get it out it way too big and hard and it was the worst and now today happen again and was worse what I had to do I know sounds really nasty I had to use my figgers push a little the break it up but I bled when I did... (32 replies)
... the rectal and anal sphincter muscles to help it make it easier for the hardened stool to pass. When you do get the urge to move your bowels, do not push,strain hard or try to force the stool out. Take slow deep breaths,hold to the count of 10 then slowly exhale, then repeat this four times. ... (2 replies)
... tern was different that week. However, when I came back, I felt the need to use the toilet but I ended up crying and almost fainting because the poop was way too big and hard to push out. That was 4 days ago. ... (1 replies)

... You know when you are really desperate to void your bowels, I've been like that for hours, leaving me in extreme discomfort. I have tried so hard to poo, but I just can't and it is extremely painful when trying. ... (2 replies)
... d dry mouth, and I went to a facility in the desert on a business trip and failed to drink enough water. I tried everything to lubricate or manually break up the poo but eventually just had to push as hard as I could, grit my teeth from the pain , and force it out. It was awful. ... (32 replies)
... I had the exact same problem when I was pregnant with my son. I was literally trying to relieve myself for five hours. I pushed so hard that I was worried I was going to go into pre term labor. I was the most awful thing of my life. ... (32 replies)
... No no no no no...the glass of water was just an example of how I tried to do something about it, the equivalent to you drinking juice. I'm afraid that the only way to get rid of it, at least for me was to force it out. Eventually I managed to, and it was bliss...I felt like I went to heaven and back in 10 seconds. No joke. I wish you luck though :/ (32 replies)
... o I am having the same problem. I am 20 years old and I have had this happen a few times, but never this bad it just will not come out at all! It has been really hard pun intended...but it eventually did come out, this time, nothing. ... (32 replies)
... After this, your best bet is to never let them get so big and hard again. Take a stool softener every day and drink a lot of water. ... (32 replies)
... After you have been to the emergency room and have seen gastroenterologist for a colonoscopy you need to start taking the time each day to have a bowel movement. This will keep you regular and your bowel movements soft but formed and not so hard,dry and large that you can't pass them without straining so hard. It will cause anal fissures. hemorrhoids to become larger and more... (32 replies)
... If you drink enough water, 64 oz. a day and increase your fiber slowly to 25 grams a day it can work as long as you don't have a gluten or wheat intolerance. Try either Metamucil or Citrucel twice a day. I take Citrucel morning at breakfast and in the evening when I get home from work. I also add 1 tsp. of L-glutamine powder and fresh squeezed lemon juice to add some flavor... (32 replies)
... same here , hard as rock . ... (32 replies)
... You really need to go back to the doctor and tell him what is happening with your bowel movements since you took the medication he gave you and about your anus being itchy and the spots on your legs. Be prepared that the doctor will probably do a rectal exam and ask you to give a stool sample. There is also a fecal occult stool samples taken over a 3 day period that you place... (2 replies)
... was going out of my mind desperately trying to have a poo! Ended up crouching in the shower trying to poo in there with the shower head pointed up my bum to try to break it up! Was 5 days before I eventually managed to do a BM!!! ... (46 replies)
Help - Cant Poop!!
Aug 19, 2010
... i havnt been able to poo! And now its huge, and hard and so painful to even try!! Its not budging at all now, and im so scared! ... (2 replies)
... t I look like I'm about 5 months pregnant, am passing wind about 10, maybe more times in an hour, every hour, every day since I've been on it. What's worse is my poo is still hard. Not as hard as it has been, but still hard. ... (8 replies)
... that I mean that I am presently hardly ever feeling the urge to defecate, and when I do think I need to go, the bowel movement is difficult to accomplish. The poo comes out with difficulty, as it is too big to come through the orifice and it is hard and in balls. It is also usually rather dark coloured. ... (0 replies)
... The more you have to strain to pass hard stools the more you make the hemorrhoids to swell. ... (4 replies)
... That doesn't sound very healthy !!! I would start taking metamucil daily which forms the stools and promotes regularity. (3 replies)
... beef burritos... eat enough of those and trust me your poo will be hard as a rock and large... ... (3 replies)

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