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Hard Stools
Dec 17, 2012
... In order for our stools not to be hard as rocks,we need to drink at least 64 oz. ... (1 replies)
... You're getting enough fiber but you need to drink lots of water when you increase your fiber intake. Hard stools will make a hemorroids and anal fissures worse. If you're straining or forcing the hard stools out then this will make matters worse. ... (1 replies)
... or about the last month he has had very hard, rock like stools. He does not have constipation because the rocks are there daily. On the advice of an M.D. takes daily doses of Miralax and Senakot with stool softener. He drinks lots and lots of water. He also takes fiber supplements. ... (1 replies)

... times daily if your husband is unable to eat enough fiber on his own. ... (1 replies)
... Hard stools will certainly cause some rectal tissue damage. While stool softeners will be of benefit to you in the immediate future, do not use them regularly. ... (5 replies)
... rectal surgeon's office that taking Nature Made magnesium oxide 250 mg is good for hard stools. ... (6 replies)
Soft stools a must
Mar 19, 2009
... I have resorted once again to using otc anusols to help the pain and aslo to lubricate and somewhat protect my hems against what is a daily difficult BM. ... (32 replies)
... The last few days my stools have been daily but small, lumpy and not formed. I've been taking Citricel and trying to eat more fruits and veggies. ... (12 replies)
... Your medication could still be causing the hard stools. When you take the Metamucil try drinking 1 8 oz. glass of water before taking the Metamucil and then another 8 oz. glass of water after taking it. ... (3 replies)
... to go. I can understand where you're coming from with the pain of just trying to go at all ! I hope these suggestions will help you get some relief from the the hard stools you're always having to try to pass ! ... (5 replies)
... now. I exercise every second day by jogging 4km. The only thing I can think of which could contribute to my constipation is a moderate amount of stress I suffer daily at work. ... (7 replies)
Hard stools
Feb 25, 2002
... Hi, Thanks for the reply. But unfortunately, metamucil is also not working for me. I am taking metamucil (tea spoon dose) thrice a day since two weeks. When is the best time to take it? Even when I take metamucil in the night, it does not come out, and the next day, it becomes hard. I am taking two apples, one banana, grapes and vegetables daily. I sometimes take prune juice.... (12 replies)
... You will want to add an over the counter stool softener to your daily routine. ... (7 replies)
... Hello :) Maybe you should try cutting back on some of your fiber intake (there might be way too much bulk going thru your digestive track) although you are drinking an adequate amount of water daily, the extra fiber is soaking it all up.....and by all means, STOP STRAINING....YOU DON'T WANT TO DEVELOPE A HERNIA ON TOP OF EVERYTHING ELSE. I speak from wayy too much... (7 replies)
Hard stools
Feb 26, 2002
... I read something a long time ago that daily use of stool softners would harm the liver. ... (12 replies)
Hard stools
Feb 26, 2002
... Thanks for the reply. I used Docusate sodium for about a month, but stopped now, thinking that long term use of stool softener is not safe. Is it ok to use it daily? or maybe, because of that long term use I am constipated? My doctor said its ok to use it once in a while, she says long term use of stool softener makes vitamin deficiency. But each doctor is different in their... (12 replies)
Hard stools
Feb 25, 2002
... Why not try the packets of citrucel and see if this works better for you. Citrucel in packets are premeasured. You might also increase your metamucil t0 10-15cc several times daily. Also go ahead and start the colace aka docusate sodium until you get things under control. The residents in our nursing home generally take there Citrucel or fiber tabs at breakfast time, lunch... (12 replies)
Hard stools
Feb 25, 2002
... my Dr. has me on metamucil and colace daily, I also take 1 tbsp of milk of mag every 3 days if I have not produced a regular BM this helps regulate me pretty well. (12 replies)
... and acid reflux under control as long as I follow a daily routine. ... (1 replies)
... problems like anal fissures,hemorrhoids,rectal prolapse, and hernias and then these will make having a bowel movements very painful.One way you can start having daily bowel movements is by making a set time everyday to sit on the toilet for 30 minutes and use slow deep breathing exercises and pelvic floor exercises. ... (21 replies)

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