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Soft stools a must
Feb 26, 2009
... Great result mate I'm really pleased for you. Just a few cautionary notes for you to consider. Try to keep your balance between omega 3 fatty acids and omega 6 fatty acids roughly balanced. That will involve taking an omega 3 supplement in the form of cold pressed flax oil and/or cod liver oil. I take both but don't over do. About a teaspoon of flax oil and a high... (32 replies)
... aditions' or 'Eat fat lose fat' and it should take you straight to her. She is very knowledgeable and will give you lots of ideas to try because as well as olive oil there are good results to be had with coconut oil. Some people hate the taste of olive oil so it's good to know that there are alternatives. ... (7 replies)
... I went back and read your posts and am glad that I did. I have began to increase my intake of extra virgin olive oil now and am hoping it will make a real difference. ... (7 replies)

... Right ho Don, can you give me a link for evidence that olive oil is bad for your heart please or some rationale upon which you base your view. I'd be interested to read it as all the evidence I have read does not mention it. ... (7 replies)
... You need oil as well as water in your system to create an emulsified stool. Read my other posts, as I can't keep repeating myself. I feel like a record stuck in a groove. ... (7 replies)
Nov 24, 2003
... the steps ANYONE in this recovery needs to follow. Unfortunately pain medication that you are getting constipates, and this is number one reason you are having hard stools. The second reason is your butt hole is in a spasm from the pain of the surgery and this leads to your holding stools. ... (996 replies)
Soft stools a must
Feb 22, 2009
... e so I can take the extra calories without worrying about putting on weight but if you are concerned about putting on weight then increase your intake of coconut oil and reduce the olive oil accordingly. ... (32 replies)
... I have learned a hard lesson, as any parent going through this will attest to. My son who is now 11, had a classic case of Encopresis. ... (0 replies)
... Hello, I know the worry you feel as my daughter felt the same way when my grandson had constipation. I am a great believer in oil as a stool softener and suggested she try it with him and bingo! He was as right as rain within a very short period. ... (2 replies)
Nov 29, 2003
... op, knowing the percocet causes constipation, I increased the dose of the metamucil, still had hard stools. So far, I've gone from hard to sticky to hard again and my BM's aren't "finishing", if you know what I mean. ... (75 replies)
Sep 20, 2003
... ing the chance that your healing will be complicated by backing off ALL metamucil. I think you should take the hint from your bowel troubles today, that if your stools became 'rough' after stopping metamucil and the mineral oil, that you need something to make going not difficult. ... (996 replies)
Nov 4, 2003
... Hopefully, though, these conservative measures of mineral oil and milk of magnesia will do the trick. ... (996 replies)
... you like that your rectal bleeding has been brought on by your weight lifting because it has given you a dose of internal piles which tend to bleed when you pass hard stools or strain when trying to pass. The only solution is to keep your stools soft. ... (6 replies)
... litres of water everyday so hard stools is not the problem. Sometimes when I feel the urge to go, I can already feel pain. ... (1 replies)
... Flaxseed and evening primrose oil also can cause loose stools. Both may be, in part, encouraging your gut to work quicker. ... (16 replies)
... I am male and 25. Bit of a brief history, so over a year and a half I have been having digestive problems where I was having 3-4 bowel movements per day. I am unable to pass gas normally, felt like I was passing a bubble, would sometimes sound like a wet fart but no sticky feeling or residue afterwards and never produces odor of any kind no matter what I eat. I would... (3 replies)
... water are important, especially if you have to force your BMs out, or if they are quite hard, rather than soft stools. Hard stools or forced evacuation are the most common cause of little tears to the rectum that can bleed. ... (3 replies)
... I understand how painful this can be, as I have had this problem on and off all of my life. Since it has gotten this hard and you can't pass it on your own then you may need to use up to two oil based enemas to get things moving again. Follow the directions on the enema box. ... (1 replies)
Pencil thin stools
Feb 20, 2005
... If you think this might be the problem then try taking a packed "oil retention" enema and hold it for 30 minutes or more before taking the warm water enema. The oil will also help soften the hard impacted stool. ... (4 replies)
Sep 26, 2003
... rectum. Instead of better, I kept have setbacks, even at week 9! I confronted my doctor and asked him if it was possible for a person to heal inspite of having hard stools and diarrhea the same day. It seemed I would never heal. ... (996 replies)

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