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... My husband has suffered from hemorrhoids for 2 years. We tried the Avatrol and the Hem-Relief. He was on the Avatrol for about 2 months with no results. (We actually sent the product back.) The Hem-Relief, on the other hand, seemed to work somewhat. It cut down on the bleeding during a bowel movement and my husband seemed to be in less pain. The only problem with... (2 replies)
... where to purchase Hem-Relief (1 replies)
... I am having another bad time with hemorrhoids and I was wondering if any one knows if the pills Venapro, Avatrol, Hem-Relief, etc. really work to reduce or remove hemorrhoids or are they just a waste of money? I had surgery to remove my last ones and I want to avoid another surgery. Thanks. (2 replies)

... I tried venapro, avatrol, hem-relief...all of the internet stuff. None of it worked for me and I ended up having a hemorrhoidectomy about 7 weeks ago. THAT is the only thing that helped me! A good surgeon does wonders for hemorrhoids...the internet crap... save your money! (1 replies)
... Has anyone tried Venapro or Hem Relief? ... (1 replies)
Nov 28, 2004
... hey, I just ordered the product "Hem-Relief" just to see if it'll work. I was wondering if anyone else has tried and what was it's results you had? (0 replies)
... Hello, I feel your pain. My experience with the pills alone is that they don't do that much. They're more holistic in nature. In other words, if you're looking for that "cure" with the pills, you're not going to get it. However, the stuff in them is generally proven to help. Ultimately, you have to change your bathroom habits and eating habits to really battle hems... (2 replies)
... owels and after could not get hem's back in. Now filling with blood and just started the cream a few hours ago. It is the lidocaine and nifedipine cream and no relief as of yet. My main concern is how long to get some relief? ... (0 replies)
... BG!!! Too funny!! I have been reading up on these forums and a few other forums LIKE CRAZY for the last month! Right now I am reading "Hemorrhoidectomy recovery" which you had posted on and am actually on a post you wrote. Yes from what I have read so far you had a good recovery, but others had the more slower, normal recovery from what I gather. Glad to hear that after... (11 replies)
... hose reheatable bags, so I used a clean knee sock filled partway with rice. I can heat it in the microwave and it keeps heat for quite a while. I used that for hem relief before since it is moist heat and easy to position to where you need the relief. ... (11 replies)
Piles help please
Oct 17, 2009
... Hey awesome. Sorry to hear about you're problem. Thought I would drop you some important info for you to expand you're knowledge on when it comes to piles. Firstly, I must let you know piles never fully go away. Surgery where physically removing the diseased tissue and cauterizing the vein is the only way to fully "cure" a pile. There is an aggravated state and... (1 replies)
... Hemmorhoid cream can be purchased at a drug store or the grocery store. Preparation H is the only brand name that comes to mind right now. (1 replies)
... HEy dove, not a problem, wow i had quite a freakout tonight. I went to the bathroom and after wipeing with tucks pads, realized I had a lot of swelling down there. I too am trying to take as much fiber as possible and even am on some vein strengthening pills called Hem-relief and also drink cyanne pepper to minimize blood pressure. Well I had a bad thrombossed... (61 replies)
... Miralax is the best laxative hands down. You don't need anything else just MIRALAX or GlycoLax MiraLAX works with your body to relieve constipation. MiraLAX restores your natural rhythm by using the body's own water to gently increase the frequency of bowel movements and to soften the stool so it is easier to pass. Relief with MiraLAX is a normal, easy and complete bowel... (44 replies)
... Another thing, I was itching like mad the 3rd week, so I bought some anusol cream, what a relief that was, if you haven't got any, get some, believe me you will need it if you start to itch! ... (44 replies)
... Hey, I'm new to this board and I was wondering if any one has any advice for me because I need help. About 8 years ago I started having about 6 to 12 bowel movements every single morning right after I woke up and before I eat anything, and they are still occuring. The bm's occur one right after the other. They vary from solid to loose. Before this I would have about 1 to... (0 replies)
... I am sorry you are having problems Kaia28 and I understand your situation being without insurance. But if you can afford to take a vacation cruise and spend money on expensive products like Hem-Relief, then you should be able to save up enough money to see a doctor to be properly diagnosed and treated. After reading your posts, I sense that your fear of the unknown diagnoses... (11 replies)
... Thank you so much for your informative post. I have actually been away on vacation. I was determined not to let this ruin my trip. I was on a cruise. You can imagine! For the most part, I ignored it, tried not to strain, obsess about it but there were a few occasions where the fact that it was an issue at all really frustrated me! I ended up hearing about a product... (11 replies)
... From the sounds of your hem's, you may get some relief from using the squirt bottle when cleaning after a movement. ... (11 replies)
... g on inside.... I'm doing fine I suppose you could say, but why I'm writing is to not only vent, and share my experience, but to get some advice or at least some relief from someone who's experienced what I've wrote about so far. ... (6 replies)

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