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... I thought all hemhorroids leaked blood only, but this is clear...also this hemmrohoid is lighter in color than the other darker ones...or might it be a cyst? ... (2 replies)
... bright red blood .....and thought it was a good sign since it meant the hemhorroids "popped" Sounds like I may be wrong! ... (8 replies)
... I was hoping it was just hemhorroids, but would hemhorroids cause a upset stomach? ... (50 replies)

Dec 11, 2003
... varicose veins and hemhorroids can be reduced by taking 'rutin' or eating a regular dose of buckwheat. ... (13 replies)
... I have hemhorroids that have bled like that. It terrified me the first time, I was stunned, as previously I'd only had staining on the tissue. When it dripped, i was shocked. ... (6 replies)
... also will lose urine if i bounce on a trampoline or something. I just cut diet soda from my diet, i feel it caused a problem with leaking of urine in me. I have hemhorroids from previous pregnancies, they rarely bother me or bleed. ... (0 replies)
... Are you seeing a gastroenterologists? Unless you are, I wouldn't recommend you doing this. What I think that you are doing is trying to retrain your defecation reflex. Why? I don't know, but to maintain a healthy bowel, the urge to "Go" should not be ignored for longer than ten to fifteen minutes. After this period of time passes, the defecation reflex goes away and the... (6 replies)
Very scared
Mar 6, 2006
... I have hemmhoroids and they usually get really bad if I have more then 1 stool a day (and nice soft ones, I never have a problem if they are hard!) And heaven help me if I get diarrhea!! You can sit in a hot bathtub for about a half hour, this shrinks them a bit. I found that if I sit "Indian style" and lean forward for a while, that they seem to go back in... The only... (5 replies)
... This is dependent on many things, hemorrhoids can be internal or external - both can be treated and are caused usually by strain in that area along with other factors, but straining is the main one I have heard of, and pregnant women frequently get them because of pressure. Depending on the degree, they can be treated in many ways varying from over the counter and sitz baths... (1 replies)
Blood when wiping
Mar 10, 2005
... I have that with hemhorroids, sometimes I even have to wear panty liners! However my hemhorroid is external and when it bleeds a LOT then it shrinks to almost nothing and I don't feel it anymore - you MAY have an internal one, but being that you don't KNOW, I'd have it checked. He may just do the large intestine in which he looks just a few inches up, which is what was done... (2 replies)
... a soft stool may NOT stop the bleeding. I have hemhorroids and the softer I go the worse they get! I am now pebbly hard again and my hemmhoroids don't hurt, don't bleed, etc... once I soften up, watch out! ... (5 replies)
... Thanks everyone for all the responses! The problem fixed itself! (3 replies)
... Hi Curriermom!!! How is everything? Just to say it is very common after having a baby. I hope all is well now and you have settled down with your new little man. (3 replies)
... You really need it checked out by a Doctor. Rectal bleeding is not ever a good sign as you know. You may need to start taking a water soluble fiber supplement daily to make your stools gentle w/o straining. I like an take Psyllium twice daily-- Equate from Wal Mart-- with lots of water. I know you don't need any extra problems with a new born!! I wish you well ---Harry (3 replies)
... Hi~ I am hoping that someone can help me out. I just gave birth almost 3 weeks ago and for the past few days I've noticed that when I have a bowel movement, first's too hard, it's hurts horribly and there's bright red blood when I wipe, not only after I have it, but also the next 2-3 times I go to the bathroom. I've never had hemorrhoids and I didn't push long at... (3 replies)
... verybody that inquired, I stopped taking metamucil because of the gas, and have not seen a doctor yet for my symptoms. I have no symptoms other than occassional hemhorroids and consistent thin stools. ... (50 replies)
... Does this sound like hemhorroids or something else? ... (3 replies)
... I appreciate the advice, but how realistic is it that I have ulcerative colitis because I have one episode of bleeding. I read about ulcerative colitis, and I only have one symptom which was bleeding which is also very common with hemhorroids. Diarrhea with cramping abdominal pain, Fatigue and an increased need for sleep, Sometimes fever, rapid heartbeat, and anemia.... (50 replies)

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