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... with a scalpel. My hemorrhoid was approx. a pea size stretched like a skin tag. It did never hurt, bleed, nor itch. ... (2 replies)
... Don't despair, I had the same thing happen. After the swelling went down I had a skin tag, which I later had removed. My doctor explained to me that during the hemorrhoid operation he removed as little tissue as possible to get the job done. ... (61 replies)
... be too nervous about recovery, I was scared to death, but it turned out that I just gave myself a few extra gray hairs for no reason. The main thing to remember after surgery is to drink plenty of water and eat fruit and vegetables, or at least maintain a high fiber diet. ... (61 replies)

... couraging message. Unlike many other people from these postings, my wound doesn't hurt me. However, last night I felt some itching, which I never had before. The after surgery lump is still there. I really hope I didn't strain another vein. It looks like the same vein of the removed hemorrhoid is swollen. ... (2 replies)
... wow i had quite a freakout tonight. I went to the bathroom and after wipeing with tucks pads, realized I had a lot of swelling down there. ... (61 replies)
... verything is going pretty well, except for I still have tissue popping out of my anus that looks and feels like external hemorrhoids. The first two or three days after surgery these "things" were not present. Is this just swelling that will go away? ... (61 replies)
... name and look up his posts. He put together a guide on what things you need before surgery, and I believe he might have also put together a guide on what to do after surgery. Very good stuff, but a lot of reading. ... (61 replies)
... If you haven't tried ice, I would try that and see if it is swelling and maybe it will go down. If not, schedule a follow up with your doctor to see if its a new hemorrhoid and address your concerns immediately. You seem to be getting enough water are you taking enough fiber in? ... (2 replies)
... You've done the right thing as far as becoming informed about this type of surgery prior to having an operation. With all the knowledge you have obtained from this message board you will be well prepared. ... (61 replies)
... My stitches are coming out and the wounds are pretty much healed, it's the swelling that really sucks because the swollen tissue looks just like deformed external hemorrhoids and this tissue is sore and tender. ... (61 replies)
... Thanks for all the advise, I haven't tried advil for swelling, but I will. I'm pretty sore after sitting for two hours, didn't use a cushion, but definitely will in the future as I feel like I got whacked in the tail bone with a baseball bat! ... (61 replies)
... Glad to hear your swelling went down. I'm doing very well. Some swelling, some discomfort, but nothing that I can't handle. ... (61 replies)
... Well the swelling went down for me so that is good. ... (61 replies)
... has done good things for me but also has put me in panic mode on and off for quite some time now. After reading about the possible worse case scenarios of this surgery I have been over worrying myself to the point that my girlfriend has had to tell me over and over again that I am worrying over nothing. ... (61 replies)
... I am on day 17 after a hemorroidectomy on one HUGE external hem. I am worried sick because starting about 4 or 5 days ago, the swelling has returned and it looks like i still have a huge hem! ... (61 replies)
... A week or so ago, I was in such pain from the swelling and thrombosed hemorrhoids that I thought I'd go out of my mind. ... (61 replies)
... Prior to surgery I had three or four external hemorrhoids that stayed out all the time. These beast were more often than not swollen and sore. ... (61 replies)
... man what a long flight! But I would do it again in a heartbeat...what a great time I had! Sounds like you will have a wonderful time visiting family, especially after not seeing them for a year! ... (61 replies)
... n my rear end. I'm slowly regaining back my strength by going for a short walk once a day. I see my doctor on the 8th of this month, that will be my 4 weeks post surgery date. ... (61 replies)
... r atempt that with stitches!! That would be a big no no right there. I would think that would hurt as well.. but I was more of thinking it would be ok 3 months after surgery to do that, just as long as I am using a sturdy toilet and have a counter top to hold onto. ... (61 replies)

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