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... She told me she would be willing to treat me with banding to see if that would help make my hemorrhoids manageable. ... (93 replies)
Hemorrhoid banding
Dec 19, 2016
... I had hemorrhoid banding on one internal hemorrhoid at the beginning of December. It has been just over two weeks and I am experiencing some consistent pain and burning. Having a BM does not seem to cause any pain and I have no bleeding. I am not sure what is going on. ... (0 replies)
... I was wondering if anybody has the procedure of hemorrhoid banding? ... (4 replies)

... Hi, I just had hemorrhoid banding surgery and I am extremely uncomfortable. I have severe pressure throughout my rectal and vaginal area and pain all the way down my legs. My feet are actually throbbing! The doctor said NOTHING about this after I asked repeatedly about side effects and after care. ... (0 replies)
... I have been researching the Ultroid procedure, and it looks like a good option. Question- it seems to be able to treat pretty bad cases of hemorrhoids. So why did you opt for the banding? (93 replies)
... I had 3 hemorhoids banded 5 weeks ago and am still in pain if i sit to long or after a bm... they only said take panadole.. ... (0 replies)
... get a new doctor. Some of us here are learning that the hard way. Rather than repost my original post, please look up "pain after hemorrhoid banding" and read what I and some other people are going through. ... (7 replies)
... it's Sat. and I cannot believe the pain I have gone through. ... (93 replies)
... I don't know about the "pinched nerve" in your anus but I tend to doubt it only because about 1 inch above the anus there are no pain receptors. That is why the banding can be done to internal hemorrhoids without pain. If you had a colonoscopy and sig. ... (4 replies)
... wish I had him at the beginning. In my experience...the banding procedure is very risky and lots of things can happen with it. I think it should be outlawed!!!! ... (93 replies)
... I had the procedure done exactly a week ago from today and not a day has gone by where I didn't regret the procedure. I had hemorrhoids before but the pain was nothing compared to this. ... (93 replies)
... The recommendation for banding is 3 maximum at one time. ... (93 replies)
... A month after I had my first one banded, i said to him why don't you just band the final two at the same time and he looked at me puzzled and said because of the pain you would experience. ... (93 replies)
... This is day 11 if I count the day of the procedure. My pain seems to be more on the outside now, like a hemroid flare up, burning, itching etc. The bms don't seem as painful, I am just swollen and miserable. ... (93 replies)
... before a bm then soak in really warm water with epsom salts. If you get worse or have not improved by Monday go back to your doctor, There isn't suppose to be pain with this procedure , just pressure and an uncomfortable feeling. ... (93 replies)
... I don't want to be a part of this club anymore!!! lol--Well I am glad they found out what the problem was and atleast you do have some answers. It is a difficult decision but I think you know what you have to do. I also know what I have to do but that doesn't make it easier. I have been living with this problem for 15 years so I know what it is like. It does affect your... (93 replies)
... because external ones have pain receptors and the banding will hurt like hell. ... (4 replies)
... Thank you so much for sharing your experiences on this board. I had a banding procedure done yesterday afternoon on 2 roids, and the pain has been like nothing I've ever experienced or could possibly imagine. ... (93 replies)
... anybody can help i had sigmoidoscopy 5 days ago and rubber band ligation of some hemorrhoids since then i have had quite a lot of abdominal discomfort,nausea and pain in testicles similar to epididymus. ... (93 replies)
... You need to be seen if they are prolapsed because that can cause serious problems. This surgeon told me "you are in pain those hurt alot" first doc to understand. ... (93 replies)

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