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... ing is going pretty well, except for I still have tissue popping out of my anus that looks and feels like external hemorrhoids. The first two or three days after surgery these "things" were not present. Is this just swelling that will go away? ... (61 replies)
... I'm hoping to meet some folks that can understand what I am going through and maybe some that will understand how much I dread and look forward to my upcoming hemorrhoid surgery. ... (1 replies)
... be solved by banding. Unfortunately, I let mine get too big trying "to live with it" that by the time I went through 6 months of banding, it was too late. The banding is definite discomfort but not real pain. There is pressure in the area for about 1 day and then it goes away. I bow down to women who have had children. ... (11 replies)

... My bleeding has stopped since I had the banding treatment. ... (2 replies)
... I had the laser surgery in Phx about 5 years ago. I have had 2 recurrences of thrombosed hemmorrhoids since then which needed to be extracted. ... (42 replies)
... (42 replies)
... I have spoken to both locations in Miami and Phoenix. Yes they can laser both internal and external. Banding does work and is a great option if you only have internals. ... (42 replies)
... I would say go for it. It is much better to get it over with and endure the initial pain, which will subside, than live with recurring hemorrhoid issues for the rest of your life. If you are like me, it consumes so much of your thoughts because you always feel it and are always dealing with it. ... (11 replies)
... Go back to the doctor that did the surgery just to make sure thing are healing inside and out. ... (2 replies)
... e end that I will be glad that I went through it. I just have to get through these healing days. Find out who your OBGYN would recommend. You should only need surgery if you have external hems. The internal hems can be taken care of with a "banding" procedure and most will do that right in their office. Good Luck. ... (29 replies)
... What is best, lazer surgery, with a knife, or banding? Please let me know if you have had good or bad experiences with any of these. Thank you very much! (4 replies)
... Thanks for passing on the info Fred. Traditional hemorrhoid surgery should be reserved as a last resort when other, modern modalities are ineffective. ... (3 replies)
... time but also bled from time to time and were generally unsightly and difficult to clean up after BM. I tried creams and had banding both which failed. ... (3 replies)
... does neo-sporin or any other cream speed-up the healing of open wound left from external roids removed, my doctor also did something inside anal canal possibly some banding, but the major pain i get is from passing stool, feels like hell (0 replies)
... g but the pain has subsided a great deal. I can feel some pressure that I'm not sure is from the stitches from the 2 external hems that were removed or from the banding of the one internal. ... (29 replies)
... I want to give a background about what I had been experiencing because I think it is important to understand that everyone is different in their hemorrhoid experiences. ... (0 replies)
... Since I live in an urban area, I have options. I have friends who have has the traditional surgery and I am SCARED TO DEATH of that this is what I did. ... (93 replies)
... e in case this helps anyone... I found a colorectal health center and they had a last minute cancellation, so I saw the specialist today. She did say my internal hemorrhoid was unique in that due to the duration of being prolapsed so long, I've grown tissue around it, which is where the fissure is, so, it couldn't be banded. ... (10 replies)
... r doc to a colorectal doc. It was a bad experience... he examined me and afterward said, "Yup, you got a nice bunch of marbles down there," and told me I needed surgery and how painful it could be. ... (6 replies)
... get a new doctor. Some of us here are learning that the hard way. Rather than repost my original post, please look up "pain after hemorrhoid banding" and read what I and some other people are going through. ... (7 replies)

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