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... I remember being wheeled into the operating room, and then waking up about 40 minutes later in the recovery room with my mom there waiting for me. Laying there I felt a slight dull pain in my bum, but nothing excruciating. ... (1 replies)
... y" which you had posted on and am actually on a post you wrote. Yes from what I have read so far you had a good recovery, but others had the more slower, normal recovery from what I gather. Glad to hear that after 7 months you are feeling so good! ... (11 replies)
... (82 replies)

... Based on my experience with the stapled hemorrhoidectomy I think you probably made the right choice. I wish I'd done the real surgery the first time and not even bothered with the stapled one. ... (82 replies)
... I've read about people that wake up in recovery in pain and severe pain at home in the days before their first bowel movement and none of that has happened to me. I did throw up once from nausea. ... (82 replies)
... I had a hemorrhoidectomy a little over 9 weeks ago for 4 internal and 3 external using a scalpel. ... (13 replies)
... doctors recommend holding off on the high fiber because of the bulk it adds but other want the bulk to prevent narrowing of the anus. The former recommend soft foods with softeners. ... (2 replies)
... f the woods yet, i wont be going anywhere for a while cos i dont want to walk too long and doctor told me to limit my walking for 3 weeks. Plus, i am eating soft foods for soft BM's. ... (41 replies)
... I had a hemorrhoidectomy 12 days ago. I've endured all the horrors others have mentioned. I used Miralax twice a day for 2 weeks before surgery and 2 enemas the day before surgery. ... (0 replies)
... there is a price to pay for the taste. The spicy foods tend to cause more pain as they exit. ... (116 replies)
... What foods will NOT make me constipated, would bananas help to make things smooth? ... (116 replies)
... Oh, that sounds really awful, I hope you get better soon though Justaguy! What really surprises me is how the doctors, as you say, are only interested in the surgery itself, and not at all concerned with your recovery! I have done my surgery privately in the UK, which is considered to be much -much better that on the national service, and still I wasn't even given some... (42 replies)
... for 21 years. I'm 39 and finally had the surgery 4 days ago. My doctor tried to talk me out of doing both procedures at the same time due to the discomfort of recovery but I knew I could subject myself only to a one shot deal and am glad I did. ... (36 replies)
... What are some foods you guys ate to help you go? ... (116 replies)
... on page 2 at the top of this page. I think it may help you with the foods that you are eating. All insolouble fiber speeds up your intestines and transit time and the soluble type fiber slows your BMs down. ... (116 replies)
... Hi Carecare and anyone else reading this post! Well its been 6 months and i finally feel normal but I'm still not 100% due to complications. I actually have to go back this Monday and have more surgery. This time i am having a sphinterotomy due to fissures that have developed and the removal of 2 lumps which we think one is a new hem as its causes me pain and discomfort. So... (41 replies)
... Thank you WhistleDixie! Always makes me feel good to hear stories like yours! Today i got acupuncture in preparation and i have little needles that stay in for a week or more. I have 2 in my wrist, 3 in my ankles and one in the back of my neck and they were painless going in and painless now. They are for stress, nausea & vomiting, fear, pain relief and healing. Cant remember... (41 replies)
... It took me about 6 days after the surgery to start having a BM. I think being cleaned out prior to the surgery is what did it...but I took miralax for two days before I went. Primarily because I felt pretty constipated. When I did it was slow going (i.e. a little bit at a time). I made sure I started eating regulary about 2 days after the surgery (per doctors instructions -... (82 replies)
... When was your surgery? Mine was December 14th so Tuesday January 4th will be 3 weeks and I have to go back to work. I had a bm the morning of my surgery so my dr got to really see my hemrrohids in the OR. I go back to my Dr this Friday and she told me 3 weeks off was more than enough time. I have been eating regular food BUT I'm noticing whatever I eat a few hours later is... (82 replies)
... Angela- I lived in the tub that first week too and was concerned about a urinary tract infection. I can usually head these off by drinking cranberry juice (get the kind with the larges % of real cranberry juice) and taking cranberry pills. You can get the pills in a health food store. It really does work for me if I feel one coming on. I too have had some weird pains. One day... (82 replies)

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