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... that were near my anal opening and a banding for an internal hemorrhoid. Although there are tips for any hemorrhoidectomy surgery, this guide focuses on scalpel surgeries and not the banding technique. ... (2 replies)
... The second surgery was very painful, but I survived. The recovery was shorter and the pain from the first surgery has lessened, but is not completely gone. I'm grateful that I got a second opinion. ... (13 replies)
... Hi! Me again - just finished dinner. You are not going to believe this ... I am questioning my sanity, actually, but here's what I ate: 3 bbq ribs, oven fried potato wedges, salad with blue cheese dressing, and a brownie and peanut butter ice cream. I decided that my take home instruction sheet is right ... resume normal diet as tolerated. And I was starving. I couldn't... (139 replies)

... comfortably on the couch. I had Percocets, and I was not afraid to use them! Thank Heavens my MIL had picked up a sitz bath, because without it, I am positive my recovery would have been much, much more painful! Which leads me to my first bm, the WORST, MOST PAINFUL EXCRUTIATING EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE! ... (0 replies)
... I am getting sphincterotomy on Monday and would hope to get some feedback on other's recovery process. ... (0 replies)
... During my recovery from the hemorrhoidectomy I noticed that it was becoming more and more painful to go to have a bowel movement. ... (13 replies)
... Yup....I had a feeling the healing process wouldn't be a linear progression. ... (42 replies)
... Spasms from your sphincter muscle. Many people experienced these throughout the healing process with no rhyme or reason when they occur. Some have them directly after surgery, if they sit too long, etc. ... (2 replies)
... This is definitely a process. I keep forgetting that. I had a turbinate reduction in February and that was a process too. Although the doctor said I would "recover" within two weeks I really wasn't my "normal" self until 6 weeks out. ... (42 replies)
... I am responding to this particular thread because it was the most recently revived and want to share some of my experiences with a recent extensive external hemorrhoidectomy after reading many posts here. ... (36 replies)
... Hemorriod surgery, recovery and pain... My surgery was last Friday, Oct. 30, at 9am. ... (42 replies)
... I am in the process of roto rootering my system using the colonoscopy prep stuff. ... (139 replies)
... Your post above all the rest of the stories i have read was the only one that has actually given me some kind of hope in the recovery process ..i have read all of yours and i feel optimistic about it after reading .. ... (12 replies)
... I forgot to mention that there was a lot of itching in the process of recovery which meant that I was healing. ... (42 replies)
... If yes, how was it for YOU during recovery process? ... (6 replies)
... I feel it is vital to really put yourself first during the recovery process. ... (40 replies)
... it is a slow process of irrigation, bath, anesthetic ointment to get back to uncomfortable but functional. ... (36 replies)
... I cannot remember exactly how many days it was that I had an experience that relates to your question. I think it was at least a week after my surgery. Anyway, I had one episode of excessive bleeding following a BM. Up to that point, there was usually a little bit of blood; sometimes drops into the toilet or upon wiping with a moist wipe. For whatever reason after this... (36 replies)
... DAY THIRTEEN Constipation, false alarms, and itching. That sums up the last two days for me. Yesterday I had a BM in the morning. Then in the late afternoon the pressure feeling you get before pooping came. Went to the toilet and nothing came. Strained a little and still nothing came. Again the same feeling a couple of hours later--I swear I could feel it, the stool, but... (42 replies)
... and have never had one where new and different symptoms appear during the healing process such as with this hemorroidectomy. Very frustrating and scary. ... (116 replies)

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