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... My fissure developed many years ago but then didn't resurface until recently. A few months ago, the sharp pain from the fissure began and i went to a pharmacy and they gave me an ointment to apply which made the fissure go away in a few days. ... (1 replies)
... Hello mate. Glad to hear you are having some success with the olive oil. As I have said in another post, everybody is different and getting your diet right can be a work of art once you have had serious bowel problems. ... (7 replies)
... I had internal hemorrhoids treated today and I thought I would post my story since there doesn't seem to be many stories that follow through until the end. ... (2 replies)

... So I have had hemorrhoids in the past but they were always small and shrunk to the point of disappearing within a week. ... (6 replies)
... I am using the suppo from the doctor as well, for 7 days, only have two days left. I don't feel any pain after about 7 days but it is still there. It seems to be very slow on the shrinking side. Hopefully it will go away after a few weeks as most people in this forum said. ... (2 replies)
... I'm a 25 year old male, lots of problems with hemorrhoids in my past, but in March I got an anal fissure for the first time. It hurt a lot, came and went but always came back, nothing seemed to heal it for good, blablabla you've heard this story before. ... (1 replies)
... history of how I finally solved my hemorrhoids problem in the hopes it will help people who are still trying to figure it out. ... (6 replies)
... I'm in the middle of a very long recovery. ... (0 replies)
... I want to give a background about what I had been experiencing because I think it is important to understand that everyone is different in their hemorrhoid experiences. ... (0 replies)
... No, you most certainly aren't alone. Millions of americans have hemorrhoids and most never do anything about it, they simply cope or buy hemorrhoid creams and try to add fiber into their diet, exercise and drink lots of water. ... (2 replies)
... Hi, everyone. I'll try to make this short. During my 6th month of pregnancy, I developed a couple external hemorrhoids. One is gone, leaving a skin tag. The other still swells with harsh bowel movements. A couple months ago, I had a slight case of the flu and subsequent diarrhea for a day. ... (3 replies)
... I know what you mean about taking your health for granted. In a nutshell, after the birth of my daughter 14 months ago, my health declined as well. ... (11 replies)
... First of all, I'm a bit of a hypochondriac and I get impatient when symptoms don't go away as fast as I'd expect. ... (3 replies)
... I have had hemorrhoids. They did not really bother me too much for a good seven years. The last two years they have been bothering me. ... (2 replies)
May 21, 2005
... Seeking some advice. 8 days ago after a bm I noticed I had an odd feeling and discovered a small bump right on my anus, after doing some web research it looks and sounds exactly like an external thrombosed hemorrhoid. ... (8 replies)
... I have had fissures and thrombosed hemorrhoids in the past, so I know what you're going through. I also was prescribed nitroglycerin for my fissure. ... (8 replies)
In Pain, HELP!!!
Nov 30, 2004
... It's been 2 weeks today since this whole thing started and maybe it's just a little better, but definitely NOT going away. Every time I start feeling better I will have a bowel movement and the burning starts back up again. ... (44 replies)
... I'm a 28 years old male. For the last three months I've been having bouts of mucus and blood on the surface of the stool. The mucus has appeared in clumps around the stool, and the blood has always been a streak on the outside of the formed stool. ... (5 replies)
... and Rubydee12 and it was so helpful to me. I am hoping you can answer some questions I have. I'll tell you my story first. I ended up with an awful anal fissure in March, after trying many things and NOT wanting to have surgery, I finally was able to heal it using a great ayurvedic treatment from ... (12 replies)
... Yup. This is now where life finds me, posting on a forum about hemorrhoids. But hey, I figure once a couple doctors and their attractive female residents have looked into your butt, this isn't so bad. ... (4 replies)

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