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... left me deathly ill, blood pressure went up to 190 over 100.. doctor looked at me weird.. ... (5 replies)
... being constipated, so was confused as to why they arrived. I started using the same cream as before, though this time I found I was experiencing intense itching. That cream didn't work, so I tried a different over the counter cream. The itching got worse so I saw my Dr. ... (2 replies)
... ago is when it all went downhill. Now I always shower after BMs if I'm home, so I started noticing these bulges in my anal area during my showers. They just went away and they didn't really hurt or anything and my initial thought was, "huh...hmmm that's weird". But other than that, I totally ignored it. ... (0 replies)

... I felt intense burning, pressure, incomplete bowel movement and just the general feeling that something was IN there. ... (3 replies)
... I recently had to pass a large, hard stool and it hurt like crazy. at first I thought I tore my rectum a little and it would heal in a day or two, but it's been a little over two weeks that it's been hurting. ... (4 replies)
May 21, 2005
... some web research it looks and sounds exactly like an external thrombosed hemorrhoid. After talking with some friends who have experienced this, the opinion was that it would go away relatively soon. It's been 8 days and it's neither better nor worse. ... (8 replies)
... I went to the emergency room that night but they wouldn't touch it. So I got into a surgeon the next day and he cut out the clot. He said they can usually go away on their own within a week if you can stand the pain. Which I couldn't since I wasn't able to sit or walk without it hurting. ... (5 replies)
... history of how I finally solved my hemorrhoids problem in the hopes it will help people who are still trying to figure it out. ... (6 replies)
... I've read threw the past few pages and see that there have been a lot of posts made about hemorrhoids. Well, here is yet another one! ... (2 replies)
... I want to give a background about what I had been experiencing because I think it is important to understand that everyone is different in their hemorrhoid experiences. ... (0 replies)
... and had minor hemorrhoids during my pregnancy due to the weight gain. My blood pressure was perfect throughout and my doctor was not concerned in the slightest. ... (10 replies)
Sep 24, 2003
... I am at my wits end ... ... (996 replies)
... The pain got so bad during and after bowel movements that I decided to see a gastroenterologist. ... (0 replies)
... three decades of occasional hemorrhoid episodes. They never go away, are always there, and can become irritated if there's a break in my BM routine which can certainly happen on occasion. ... (5 replies)
... One day, OUT OF THE BLUE completely, I was bending down to get something and felt something weird in my anus. Before I knew it, I had a thrombosed hemorrhoid that was about 2 inches large, extremely painful and dark purple. ... (0 replies)
... o pass a BM. One day after going to the bathroom, I stood up to wipe and saw the toilet was nothing but dark red. I had done something bad. I was then told I had hemorrhoids and to make changes. I didn't make the changes I should have and it progressed to the point of stage 3. ... (5 replies)
PPH Surgery
Aug 4, 2008
... and am a bit worried. I don't have much pain except for my anus, which feels quite raw. I am taking fiber and stool softeners at night as directed by my doctor, and I am not having any trouble with BMs. My concern is that I am having trouble distinguishing between gas and stool. ... (3 replies)
... but felt it again that night. ... (0 replies)
... However, it had not gone down in size at all. Let me say that I started out on day 2 by soaking 4 times per day in warm water for 15 min's at a time. ... (0 replies)
... no pain, but were difficult to keep clean and their appearance bothered me. I saw a general surgeon after a year of dealing with them and he banded 2 internals that would supposedly pull the external excess tissue back into my colon. It helped a little, but not for more than a few months...things fell back out. ... (8 replies)

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