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... I am 99.9% sure I have a prolapsed hemorroid. It happened yesterday when I kept having this feeling that something was hanging out down there and when I got the mirror out it looks like a giant grape or tissue. I have tried pushing it back inside and it falls back out in seconds and preparation H and an epsom salt bath did nothing. I always knew I had hemorroids (I have 6... (4 replies)
... I am new to the board and let me say that I would greatly appreciate any help or advice that someone could offer. ... (2 replies)
... i think i have a hemorroid but im not sure. i get it from time to time, if im irritated down there from long walking or heat or after a BM sometimes. ... (0 replies)

... law had the surgery years ago and said his tightness was only temporary. Afraid I'm going to give myself another damned hemorroid or bust a vein in my head!! ... (1 replies)
Oct 21, 2009
... I have been by this board for a couple of months now. I checked to see if my symptoms matched anyone's post and normally they did so I just passed them off like I had the same thing. Back in July I was really badly consipated--now, I have been like this before, and I've had this since I was 16, where I get badly consitpated then I have hemrroids, and the cycle would... (2 replies)
... Also, what foods seem to help and what foods seem to hurt? ... (0 replies)
... ink I will need to see a colon rectal surgeon soon. I am just afraid to go before my vacation for fear that the examination my irritate the situation. Can anyone help and tell me what to expect? ... (6 replies)
... t got them checked out but I now I should. Are hemorroid skin color or are they always the purple color, if so what could they be. Please help. ... (1 replies)
... she gave me a prescription for Proctofoam it help in the begining, but now it seems to just burn when I use it!......... ... (14 replies)
External hemorroid
Feb 29, 2016
... Did your doctor diagnose it as an external hemmorhoid? An external hemmorhoid can get prolapsed if there is a blood clot underneath--it can look dark purple or blue and it is excruciating! :dizzy: Your OB/gyn could probably excise it if it becomes unbearable; otherwise they usually resolve themselves in a week or so. Ask your doctor if you could try something like witch... (1 replies)
External hemorroid
Feb 28, 2016
... hi I'm currently 35 weeks pregnant and recently noticed a purplish hard lump on the outside of my bottom and I'm just wanting some advice on things like . how long it stays . what I can do to treat it . or should I go gp please someone help its so irritating thanks appreciated (1 replies)
... t should be done right away to relieve his pain and allow him to get back to work. Don't try to push it in. It won't stay or do any good. A warm bathtub soak can help but is only temporary, and BM's will hurt a lot until it is taken care of. ... (1 replies)
... My husband is in a large amount of pain. For him to admit he's hurting means that it's been severe for a while. When I examined his rectal area, there is a grape sized lump. He can't walk, go to the bathroom or anything without being in a lot of pain. I have tried pushing it back in and it hurts him so much. It will go back in his rectum but will not stay. He's only 25,... (1 replies)
... o. If it's a grade 3 prolapse, you may see something red pushing out of your bum. If you look up pics of hemorroids, it will likely look something like a small hemorroid poking out. I would also guess MANY, MANY other things can cause mucus during or without constipation, ie. ... (1 replies)
... i went and they just said it was an external hemorroid and thats pretty much it. ... (4 replies)
... Yes that is a prolapsed one. You should be checked out and stay away from all the creams. Sitting in warm water does the best and once it starts to heal try and push it back in--cream will keep it smooth and out. Hottest water you can tolerate--every hour if you can. Prevention is the best. High fiber--lots of water--fruit--whole grains--find a food that works for you to... (4 replies)
... Just do it...I have been there...yes, the thought of the doctor visit is definitely unpleasant, but trust me, he/she have seen it all and this is something that can alter your quality of life. It may turn out to be something that can be treated immediately and I agree with the others...go to a specialist. (4 replies)
... I highly recommend that you see a proctologist for an exam. I would not go to my primary care physician for this type of problem. You need someone who specializes in diseases of the bowel and rectum. The exam is not bad at all. (4 replies)
... I would suggest seeing a colon/rectal doctor or specialist. He needs to determine whether it's rectal prolapse, indeed a hem, or even hyper-trophied anal papilla. I'm not a doctor so from the info you've given me I wouldn't jump to a conclusion, but I will say this, nip it in the bud. The doctor will take a look at your behind, then do a finger exam, and finally look with a... (4 replies)
... Hi Cody, It does sound like an external hemorroid, external hemorroids kind of sit around very close to your anus opening. Can it be gently pushed back into the anus. If you don't feel like trying that, I would recommend you get it checked by a doctor. (2 replies)

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