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... I just signed up for hemroid surgery in a week from today. I have external is larger than the other. ... (1 replies)
... I thought this might be helpful to those of you contemplating hemroid surgery. My GI just performed laser surgery on my internal hemroids today. The procedure was very quick, with sedative only mildly painful, and so far I have no real pain post op. ... (3 replies)
... hemroid surgery is a painfull recovery but i have painless bm now and it was worth it . i was bleeding and in pain all the time and it took over my life. ... (15 replies)

Feb 1, 2005
... With all the talk on the boards of the pain from the sutures, I can't IMAGINE pushing everything back in after a BM if I have stitches! My surgeon said the surgery would fix that, but I don't think he understood what I was talking about and I think he thought I was talking about the internal protruding hemroids. ... (996 replies)
... impaction issue, but just having regular BMs hurt. The pressure from sitting on the toilet hurt so much I could only tolerate it for short periods of time. The surgery was a lot more painful than I thought it would be. The sitz baths are definitely a help. I also did not have the urinary tract problems. ... (298 replies)
... Hi, I had the fissure surgery about 20 years ago so don't remember to much about it I don't think it was that bad. But, I am 1 mnth out of hemroid surgery. I went down to San clemente Ca because a doctor down there supposedly had a new procedure that was less painful and recovery is quicker. ... (5 replies)
... What is the "average" recovery period? ... (5 replies)
... Please keep us posted as to your recovery. I think that is the scariest part for all of us and we are all so curious as to how everyone who has had this surgery is doing. ... (11 replies)
... Hey Newyorkbynight, I am so glad that your operation was a success. Please keep us posted on your recovery. If yours goes well, I might talk to my doctor about it. Would you be able to explain the laser procedure to me as I am pretty unfamiliar with it. Do they excise the hemorrhoid with the laser or is it like infrared coagulation where they dont really take off the... (3 replies)
... I have no experience with the fissure but as far as the hemmerhoids are concerned, go get the surgery! Do it now, and your recovery will be over that much sooner. ... (10 replies)
Feb 17, 2005
... h day it has gotten better and BM are averaging around a 2 on the scale right now. Honestly, they don't hurt much worse than they did before when I had a painful hemroid flareup. It burns aftward for a while, but again, I've had worse. ... (996 replies)
... emoval. Essentially I think they either freeze or burn it off with lasers or UV. That was encouraging to hear... but he said that post op is painful anyway and recovery would last about a week. ... (5 replies)
... op pain and recovery for the full surgery about the same as the stapled surgery? ... (10 replies)
... instant relief,hemroid surgery is painful recovery. ... (4 replies)
... ericollen a fissures takes a long time to heal and if yours is recurring alot , it is chronic and will not go away , i had surgery on dec7 and had 3 hemroids removed but also had a fissureomentry and syfincteromentry.what colorectal surgen did not tell you that most people anus becomes more narrow form hemroids and after you repair them the stool gets bigger and more... (118 replies)
... It would always take me so long to clean up after BMs too. I also had fissures, which were very painful also. I was scared of the surgery too, but I couldn't live like that any longer. I knew it would be a painful recovery, but I figured I was in so much pain every day anyway. ... (12 replies)
... since i had three hemroid,fissure,syfincter reconstruction all done at the same time i will tell you my experience after surgery. your main focus is a stool that is soft and self propelling,its easier said then then done.the main problem is not getting impacted ,you feel good after surgery then after the first bm it takes a nose dive ,the surgeon told you three... (23 replies)
... i had a colonoscopy today and found out i have an anal fissure ,deep inside and a small internal hemroid, the doctor told me point blank i have a tight rear and i will tear it no matter what if i do not have surgery.i tried everything to help this sitiuation and i cannot live like this anymore the pain is too much and the weight loss is bad.i rather live with small time... (0 replies)
... As many other people on this board have stated, recovery is extensive but well worth it if you have a good surgeon who removes the hemm. After surgery you will be in some pain and uncomfortable. Sitting probably will not be an option for a while. ... (5 replies)
... The con is they don't just go away. The biggest pro is you get your life back without pain after the surgery and your recovery-- Take the time to read some pages on the thread "Hemorroidectomy Blues" and get some pointers about what to do before and after surgery-- you'll certainly be glad you did!!! God Bless---Harry (5 replies)

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