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... Anal fissure and hemorroid surgery are two different surgeries and you may not have had any hemorroids at the time of your anal fissure surgery. Try taking a sitz bath to help reduce the swelling of the hemorroids. ... (1 replies)
... I went to the doctors and he simply said that it was an anal fissure and gave me fibregel, to help regulate my bowel motions. The firbregel help a little and it started to heal. ... (1 replies)
... I went to the doctor and was told I had a anal fissure and had surgery to fix it. ... (1 replies)

... this is day 7 of my surgery i had hemroids,fissure repair ,flap put on and a syncter symomentry cut to make it looser, god the pain and it normal to bleed so much and i am staning my underwear and restorting to pads, i had 8 bm yesterday and almost was at my wits end.i regert doing this i went in for fissure repair and told him to leave my hemmroids alone,when i... (118 replies)
... ajor surgery down there...his opinion of my situation...very, very bleak....he said, I had internal AND external hemroids, a tight sphincter muscle, a very large fissure and that he wanted to remove all the hemeroids, cut my sphincter muscle to make it "roomier" and cut out and fix the fissure.. ... (10 replies)
... tmnn123 i have to watch my diet and if i get a hard stool or constipated i will pay for it. sorry for the misprint i had a bad day its a fissurectomy. my surgery was three hemmroids removed ,fissure and sphincter reconstruction with flap.i had no choice my rectum was so tight i could no have a bm.if you have a board certified colon rectal surgeon the decision is his... (16 replies)
... ery,make sure its with a board certified colorectal surgen,there is a very small chance for gas or control problems. i had this surgery 34 days ago , had three hemroids removed,a fissuromentry and syncomentry. ... (4 replies)
... surgery , 3 hemroids ,lis. ... (32 replies)
... Glutamine. I think that it has been very helpful so far in helping heal my fissure. I learned about it from another person who takes it and had a fissure that she healed. This person takes a lot more than what is recommended on the bottle. I don't take quite as much. ... (1 replies)
... I sure like to know about that hemmoroid protocal that martinv keeps mentioning, no one can find it. (10 replies)
... Thanks. I am doing much of what you suggest, the problem is that there is a lot of bleeding when I have a bm, and now I have become anemic. I don't know if the bleeding is from the internal hems or the fissure. I have been going to a colon rectal surgeon, but I obviously need another one or two to get more opinions. Do you know of anyone in the NYC area that you have heard... (10 replies)
... Hello I'm new to this site, I created this account because after just a little over a year of suffering debilitating intense rectal pain and rectal fissures, I just donít know what to do any more, :( im hoping to find some answers and relief from the symptomís that keep tormenting me and the way I love to live my life ( ACTIVE ) :bouncing: Any way, I have always... (3 replies)
... "After you had your surgery, were there any complications, such as incontinence?" If you have a colon and rectal surgeon who has many years of experience, it would be very very very unlikely that you would suffer from incontinence. i have had no problems with incontinence. some people complain of not being able to hold in gas, but i have no problem holding in gas. "How... (10 replies)
... I have the exact same problem as you, fissures and hemroids (spelling?) Before they will schedule me for the surgery though, i have to have a colonoscopy done, i was in yesterday for it and they had to abandon it because i got too destressed during the procedure. So i have to go back and get it re-done, Good luck with ur surgery, let me know how you get on. (5 replies)
... gh I still am in pain the rest of the day, at least I can function somewhat normally. I still however have to deal with almost constant pain discomfort from the fissure I developed because of years of poor bowel habits. ... (9 replies)
External hemroids?
May 23, 2006
... Sounds like an external hemorrhoid ... the best advice I can give is to do the following in order to avoid irritating it as much as possible: 1) increase your water intake - this is important for bowel regularity and for general health 2) look into buying an all-natural daily fiber supplement and increase your fiber intake - this is important because fiber helps you... (1 replies)
... I was in the shower this morning and noticed a lump right near my anus. Is this a hemroid? It is pretty tender and it is the only one. I have had some rectal bleeding recently but talked to my doctor about it about 2 month ago and she said the bleeding was due to a fissure. But now I have this lump. Its a bit tender when I touch it but other then that I barely notice it. ... (1 replies)
May 1, 2004
... All rectal bleeding should be checked out by a Doctor just to be safe. It probably is a hemorrhoid or rectal fissure But there are conditions that occur at any age that can really be serious-- it is the sign of many things --- none good!! I have a very good friend that had problems for years then she had a colonoscopy because of blood and she had a carpet of literally... (1 replies)
... it , plus remove hemroids at the same time. every time you bleed it tears again and again and becomes bigger,one day its fine then you have a bad bm it tears again. ... (118 replies)
... now what it was but assumed that I had gotten a fissure during the operation and my doctor confirmed that yes, the stretching of the anal area had caused a small fissure which with a sitz baths and some nitroglycerin paste went away pretty fast. ... (0 replies)

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