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... I've been taking Miralax along with Colace for the past few days, and it does seem to be helping. In fact, the day after I first took Miralax, I got a little more relief than usual. However, the feelings of incomplete evacuation does still persist. ... (7 replies)
... that i can not get any stool out. ... (2 replies)
Jan 24, 2004
... when that didn't happen, I worried, and he said to take a laxative which I did. Well day 4 nothing, so he said to get some of this laxative that comes in a green bottle, I forgot the name and take it that day and the next if needed. ... (996 replies)

Nov 23, 2003
... sphincterectomy. These boards, and particulary you have been my lifesaver. I'm much better now but going through all that pain and sitting in a sitzbath in order to "go" was horrorific. ... (996 replies)
... I read your post about your doctors visit. First of all, if your not happy with what the doctor said, seek another opinion. You owe it to yourself. You do not need to live with this. I saw 3 doctors about my condition. What I don't understand is how the dr. ... (132 replies)
... Reading your post I think your situation sounds an awful lot like the one I had immediately after my splasty. My Md didn't believe me either and I had stool pouring out of my anus and fistula for weeks. I couldn't hold anything. It turned out I was very impacted, that caused significant internal damage. ... (57 replies)
Nov 20, 2003
... rcl, Unfortunately, I don't have any instance ideas for you. It sounds like you are becoming impacted. This is just one complication that can happen during recovery. How many days has it been? ... (996 replies)
Nov 16, 2009
... I have been working on the perfect diet which has alluded me so far. I had a few great days last week and seem to remember rice being important. I really need to start my food diary again. I've been limiting caffeine, no chocolate to speak of. ... (88 replies)
... I've read through many of the posts on here and found them pretty helpful, so I figured I'd post up my specific situation to see if anyone out there can give more specific feedback regarding my condition. ... (7 replies)
... I know well how one problem can complicate other problems, which can make it difficult to get a balanced diet to be healthy. ... (4 replies)
... I've read your comments carefully and am quite sure that you've got exactly the same symptoms I had. ... (14 replies)
... Try walking 30 minutes a day to help keep the stool moving down the colon.Increase your water intake to at least 64 oz. ... (13 replies)
Nov 20, 2003
... pages and you will find all the details of what you need to do, and what is normal, far more than I can cover or take the time to type. ... (996 replies)
Nov 14, 2003
... and if not enough, add another pill, give that new dose another 3 days, and if not enough, so on, up until 5 pills per day. ... (996 replies)
Oct 23, 2003
... Anitraw, I guess your surgeon wants to do another hemorrhoidectomy on you in the future, because he wants you to return to the same diet that probably caused your hemorrhoid in the first place. ... (996 replies)
Oct 15, 2003
... anitraw, it is not normal not to have a bm after 1 week. You aren't having the right kind of after surgery diet. The fact that you had to have a lax in the ER should have been a clue. After that you should immediately have bought a bottle of colace 100 mg. ... (996 replies)
... I hear what your saying because I too have the same symptoms on and off. I take a gentle laxative, not one that has a stimulant in it, because I have a terrible reaction to the stimulant. it like burns my insides and doesn't go away for a couple of hours. it's horrible. ... (3 replies)
... First, let me say I'm new here, and I'm so glad to have found this board. I have read many of the other posts already, and I do plan on calling my doctor tomorrow. I guess I'm more interested in finding out what specific things I'm currently doing that I should not do. ... (5 replies)
... For me, the key to keeping out of pain after surgery is figuring our proper 'stool maintenance'. I have figured out a few things that I'll share. ... (0 replies)
... I have posted this before in other areas. ... (26 replies)

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