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... It's most likely a mass of hard dry stool that needs to pass before it becomes a bowel obstruction. Try using a glycerin suppository to soften the stool. Put a glove on and put vaseline and lots of it just inside the rectum and just outside the anus. ... (1 replies)
... Flipfury I tried your suggestion, I have a non relaxing sphincter, and when I sit it's very hard to take a deep breath, my lower ab seems to suck in not out and the harder I push the more I tighten. ... (9 replies)
... This will be kinda of gross to do but it may help you to pass the massive hard stool with a little less pain. Buy a box of gloves, some Vaseline, and glycerin suppositories. ... (9 replies)

... I am 50 year old female who had chronic constipation problems all my life so I completely understand where you're coming from. ... (1 replies)
... You're getting enough fiber but you need to drink lots of water when you increase your fiber intake. Hard stools will make a hemorroids and anal fissures worse. If you're straining or forcing the hard stools out then this will make matters worse. ... (1 replies)
... I have had chronic constipation all my life and IBS since 1996, I never noticed any lumps of stool on my left side when I am constipated. ... (3 replies)
... Hi, I have not been diagnosed with anything currently and I'm Still having trouble dealing with it. ... (15 replies)
... This is to everyone, not just iTAPOUT. I read these posts and they helped me make a decision to get the LIS, but I did not need the support of interaction so I never wrote. I hope this helps those like me who are making the decision to get LIS... ... (73 replies)
... have you had any diagnosis or how do you deal with it. ... (15 replies)
Hard Stools
Dec 17, 2012
... How much water are you drinking a day ? ... (1 replies)
... i dont want to become dependant on this. do u know if it is safe to use and for how long. ... (4 replies)
... and poor bowel habits play a major role in constipation. Last March I decided I had enough of dealing with constipation every day and took the bull by the horns a changed my lifestyle. ... (2 replies)
... This the worst thing you can do is to hold in your bowel movements on purpose. Our bodies are made to get rid of waste products on a regular basis and that is what our bowel movements are made up of is waste. ... (11 replies)
... your BM should NOT HURT at all 4 day's after your LIS, for me, I was having regular BM movements 3 day's afterwords and felt completely better 1 week after . The incision site should heal within 2 weeks. ... (73 replies)
... Hi there! My names Richard. I'm 22 years old and I live in Brisbane, Australia. I'm brand spanking new to the board and I just wanted to share my experience and I also have a few questions about the LIS surgery recovery. ... (73 replies)
... Hi I am new to this board. I just wanted to share my story. I was born with a birth defect where my rectum was not formed properly and was too close to my vagina. I had reconstruction surgery to fix this problem around 5 days old. ... (0 replies)
Jan 21, 2004
... Hang in there sweetie... You had a bad do so just keep going and don't get to down on yourself. The colace is going to take about three days to truly get in your system. ... (996 replies)
... Try using a glycerin suppository to soften the stool that is in the rectum that you can't pass. This can take as little as 20 minutes to work or as long as an 1 hour. ... (2 replies)
Nov 5, 2003
... Anitraw, what you are experiencing is a setback. Hard stools will injure your surgery area. It is normal to bleed with hard stools with this surgery. ... (996 replies)
Stool softeners
Feb 5, 2012
... Even if you were able strain to pass hard stool it's not something you would want to do anyways. Straining and forcing hard stool out on a regular basis can lead to hemorrhoids,anal fissures,rectal prolapse,and hernias. ... (4 replies)

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