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... great if the med has sorted out my prior problems, but this is a swing too far in the opposite direction for me. I've never been this constipated in my life, at most only ever having 3 days between BMs. ... (7 replies)
... Is this the first time or has this happened before. Do you generally have trouble Bowel wise. If not I would see your Dr, I really dont know how long would be safe without a bowel movement but I should imagine you would soon feel pretty uncomfortable if it continued. Best be on the safe side, Solofelix. ... (2 replies)
Feb 2, 2017
... I've had problems with constipation my whole life and I blame my mother. When I was a baby, she hated dirty diapers so sat me on a wooden potty chair, strapped me in and left me until I had a BM. ... (1 replies)

... For the past two years, I have got my constipation controlled with the help of fiber and a product made from lane labs called H2GO. It is magnesium oxide and brings water to the colon. It has worked when nothing else did and supposedly completelty safe. ... (0 replies)
... I have lately been experiencing constipation as a side effect of some medication I have to take, and also probably as a result of a low carb diet. ... (2 replies)
... How long have you been dependant on laxatives? ... (4 replies)
... ter but just 3 glasses but im planning to start drinking 6 now also you say we need 25 grams of fiber a day right ,well this new chewable tablets of fiber choise is 2 grams per tablet so id have to take heck alot to make 25 grams in a day and the stuff was 13. ... (36 replies)
... and would like to ask you folks how you're doing now and what's working for you lately? ... (26 replies)
... And of course psyllium husk that is in Metamucil and other brand, Citrucel, Benefiber. ... (2 replies)
Nov 20, 2003
... pages and you will find all the details of what you need to do, and what is normal, far more than I can cover or take the time to type. ... (996 replies)
... I'm in the middle of a very long recovery. ... (0 replies)
... This sounds very much diet related and to lack of exercise. Also, you should not be taking calcium supplements if you have constipation problems. This can make constipation worse as it helps your bowel to absorb water back. If you are constipated then try taking some Magnesium instead. ... (6 replies)
<3 this board
Dec 5, 2009
... and because of that, it resulted in fissures, which i pray for everyone who has fissures to heal fast because that is just the worst pain. ... (0 replies)
... When you say you had constipation problems, do you mean the stool was very hard, or did you just not get the urge to go regularly? ... (1 replies)
... I want to give a background about what I had been experiencing because I think it is important to understand that everyone is different in their hemorrhoid experiences. ... (0 replies)
... Even so, after this, my uterus prolapsed more. I was told to do Kegal exercises, but back then the internet didn't exist and no one would adequately explain how to do Kegals. ... (15 replies)
... So how about if it IS a motility problem? ... (4 replies)
... I had problems with constipation afterwards and my surgeon prescribed milk of magnesium. I have been taking a dose of it everynight for over a week and now I am afraid to stop taking it. ... (1 replies)
Sep 8, 2003
... The first 4 days I had to take a valium like drug to help me with the stress and nerves since the surgery is sooo bad, but after I got bad constipation, I just went cold turkey. ... (996 replies)
... I know you arent supposed to take Docusate Sodium for long periods as it causes a dependancy and then your bowels wont function normally on their own. It is only intended for short periods of time. I wouldnt up the dosage unless instructed by your doctor. ... (5 replies)

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