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... Had a colonoscopy on Friday, have a swollen and spastic colon as some of you may know. It is now Tuesday, not big deal...being patient. ... (5 replies)
... ffects. Fiber is the stuff that we all eat that makes our GI system work for us so we can have BMs. Your GI system can't work properly without an adequate amount of FIBER daily. You get it in fruits and veggies, nuts, grains, etc. Meat and dairy products contain NO fiber. ... (2 replies)
... how long are you in the bathroom after 1 liter of colon prep (3 replies)

... I only had traces of blood in the stool, so the doctors just told me to discontinue the AB and keep an eye on it. I haven't taken the AB in 4 days and I'm still having symptoms. ... (1 replies)
... DDN, How long have you been in pain now? ... (12 replies)
... Internal ones usually cause a sensation of fullness or pressure, mild discomfort, a dull ache, or a feeling of incomplete emptying after a BM. ... (4 replies)
... Thanks for the reply. I don't think it's cancer as it's bright red fresh blood, as in near the end of my body not deep within. ... (4 replies)
... And, if you're the type to that likes mysteries, here are a lot of my symptoms, and everything ive tried, and everything i've noticed. ... (3 replies)
... ospitalized for an oral herpes outbreak. yes, i have a very severe reaction to herpes. during this outbreak, i contracted staph and urinary tract infections, all of my mucosal areas were inflamed and i couldn't eat for days due to severe ulceration and blistering of the outside and inside of my mouth including tongue. ... (7 replies)
... The Linzess is a capsule that comes in 2 strengths. Of course, you take it with water. ... (14 replies)
... D and wanted to post a thread to see if there are any experienced folks out there who have had their colon removed due to colonic inertia. Thats what I have and have been told they will remove my colon. ... (2 replies)
... have a doctor who follows you for your IBS who I am assuming is a gastroenterologist. And he referred you to a surgeon who will be removing your colon and both are in agreement with this. How long have you been with your gastroenterologist...and do you trust him? ... (419 replies)
... Hi all. I have ben diagnosed as having Diverticulitis of the Sigmoid Colon. Although no emergency op is required, I do suffer from often sever bladder infections. ... (419 replies)
... I am new here but needing someone to help my fears easy. I am 30 year old, female, Mom of 4 kiddos. I have been sick for over a year now. It started last fall and went from having my gallbladder out, now to diverticulitius attacks that will not stop. ... (4 replies)
... I am scheduled soon for colon resection. I am 60, but have been active with jogging, sports and going to gym for weight lifting on a regular basis for 25 years. ... (4 replies)
... morning. Just about drifted off! Then the pain would come shortly after. I usually didn't notice the tiredness because I felt pretty lousy to begin with, most of the time. You also asked about how long the actual operation took. Mine being a double surgery, it took 5 hours, but I don't know how long yours might take. ... (18 replies)
... one can turn into a malignancy if not taken out and there are more dangerous types that are form of a very strong malignancy. ... (3 replies)
... section....I really don't think it will be necessary. The biggest challenge is getting up out of a bed without anything to hold onto or pull yourself up with. ... (7 replies)
... Okay, it looks as though I may have found a surgeon who can perfom laparoscopic surgery to remove the portion of Sigmoid colon suffering from Diverticulitis. I guess this is good news? ... (11 replies)
... ou must have had a fistula from your colon to something else and when the surgery was performed the doctor had to use "the cuff" and make a wide incision instead of doing it laparascopically with 3 small incisions. ... (31 replies)

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