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Sep 17, 2003
... Steve, your surgeon is lying to you about your recovery time from this surgery. ... (996 replies)
... does anyone know a good way to bulk up stools? ... (1 replies)
Sep 17, 2003
... Francis, I have to disagree totally that pain done with a harmonic scapel is less in any way. I am the person that started this posting. ... (996 replies)

Soft stools a must
Feb 22, 2009
... I'll also take a couple of sachets of soluble fiber every day. Too much oil and fiber will lead to stools bordering on the runs so you have to experiment to get the balance right to suit your own constitution. It's not easy to get it right every day. ... (32 replies)
Oct 15, 2003
... anitraw, it is not normal not to have a bm after 1 week. You aren't having the right kind of after surgery diet. The fact that you had to have a lax in the ER should have been a clue. After that you should immediately have bought a bottle of colace 100 mg. ... (996 replies)
... id I'm doing good with avoiding gluten. I've changed all my cookware and pretty much EVERYTHING I can think of. A couple of times I've had possible "reactions" to something maybe that was contaminated or not truly GF. ... (2 replies)
Soft stools a must
Mar 22, 2009
... U are right KB. Trying to get this right is certainly a work in progress. ... (32 replies)
Sep 3, 2003
... propelling. Now I learned one thing for myself, just popping in the stool softeners didn't work. I paid the price dearly for the first 3 weeks with stools that reinjured me. ... (996 replies)
Aug 27, 2003
... MRSE, I was completely disabled by my surgery, meaning that my husband had to do EVERYTHING for me for the first month. From the start, I couldn't go to the bathroom on the toilet. My surgeon had given me a postop sheet instructing to go to the bathroom in a tub full of water. ... (996 replies)
Oct 21, 2003
... Krista, I'm sorry you are having to go through this tough recovery. Let me help you become informed enough to make the decision that is right for you. ... (996 replies)
Sep 18, 2003
... It was especially horrific for me because I agreed to this procedure because the surgeon told me it was less painful than a hemorrhoid banding, which I had had done 4 times before. ... (4 replies)
Sep 5, 2003
... Thanks for the words of encouragement, Runninggal. I can't tell you how informative I find your details on your return to exercise, and, wow, 40 miles!!! ... (996 replies)
Sep 27, 2003
... ctomy and your husband's surgery. But let me first tell you that you may have noticed your post disappeared with your email address in it and your asking people to contact you that way, and hopefully by phone. ... (996 replies)
... Get your stools soft and keep them soft and you should self cure in time. Avoid another operation at all cost as the possibilities of incontinence increase every time you have surgery. ... (6 replies)
... s gastric reflux fairly often and takes medication for that and I have read that could cause leaky bowels. Along with the leaky bowels he has constipation which to me seems a bit odd. Anyone have any advice or any direction I should turn him? ... (2 replies)
Sep 22, 2010
... Soft stools a must.. ... (7 replies)
... First of all, thanks everybody for your replies. For some reason I didn't get any notice in my email on them, and just discovered them online now, so sorry for the delay. ... (9 replies)
Oct 17, 2003
... Anitraw, yes, the fact that you had a bm yesterday and you are doing okay today is an excellent sign you are on the road to healing. To give you something to measure by, when I was at your point, I was in extreme pain, I bled with every bowel movement, I could only pee and pass gas and stool in a tub of water. ... (996 replies)
... Hi, yes, I am 47 and have had 4 pregnancies. I feel as though my vagina muscles and rectum area have sunk south so to speak! Would this be prolapse? ... (1 replies)
... rectal specialist. They are the ones that know how to deal with these. ... (6 replies)

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