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... Is there blood? Most likely you have an anal fissure. It's a tear in the lining of your anus. Try applying coconut oil before/after bowel movements and throughout the day. Get your diet in control by eating "soft foods" . . . those that lead to soft poops. . this you'll find by trial and error because different for everyone, but generally things like oats, flaxseed, veggies,... (3 replies)
... For the past month or so pretty much every time I poop it hurts when it comes out almost like it's too big to come out. ... (3 replies)
... Today I woke up feeling extremely tired. I had gotten 6 hours of sleep, and I can run perfectly fine with just four. When I got to school my exhaustion grew worse and my stomach starting rumbling uncomfortably, and it was hurting. ... (1 replies)

... Two months ago my anus hurt then a week later my prostate hurt and now for the last 6 weeks my bowels hurt. When I walk it feels like my bowels are going to fall out. Each day it gets worse. I feels like I have to poop but every morning I have 2 bowel movements. ... (0 replies)
... It was my wedding day and I was bearing down trying to poop so that I wouldn't have to poop later and "pop" my first one. My wedding night was a treat. Preparation H and misery...not what one would expect. ... (0 replies)
... might not know what a normal BM is anymore. I had undiagnosed diverticulitis for years and just kind of grew to accept abrupt D, irregular movements and scanty poop and just about every other kind of thing. None of it hurt at all, not even a little, so I just figured it was my body being eccentric and went on about my life. ... (419 replies)
... ric emptying test.' You may want to ask your gastro doctor to order this test for you. It will show how fast or how slow your food is digesting. The test doesn't hurt at all and it's pretty easy. ... (13 replies)
No urge to poop
Sep 19, 2012
... I had one dose of morphine last year in the emergency room and then I couldn't move my bowels for 3 days,and when I finally did after using a suppository it still took me pushing as hard as I could to make it pass through the rectum and anus. ... (2 replies)
... and rectum, hurt when I walk, cough, laugh, or strain at all. ... (8 replies)
... my girlfriend said the other night wen she went to go poop that it hurt when she pushed, and that the poop wasnt even that big. ... (3 replies)
... breaths and hold your breaths to the count of 15 and slowly exhale, and keep repeating the cycle. I found that it helps me to pass the stool with less pain than when I strain real hard to force it out. I have suffered with constipation all my life and have been in your situation quite a few times in my life. ... (9 replies)
... in tub laying head on boyfriends shoulder, or standing over toilet kind of like a frog trying to pee, pooping while trying to pee, pooping my pants, cleaning up poop in my pants or one time had to clean floor where I missed the toilet, cleaing the tub, cleaning myself. ... (131 replies)
... It does hurt when I poop, like stinging and I do feel uncomfortable back there after the BM but it doesn't hurt like severe all the time. Could it be hemorrhoids? ... (7 replies)
... Hon, please go to your school counselor and tell her what's going on and that you can't get your parents to believe you and you need her help so you can get seen by a Dr. You should never have had to live with this all these years, parents have a duty to protect their children from bullying and torment. I am so sorry for what you've had to go through. Please see your... (25 replies)
... Dont worry girl .. i know this might sound really stupid and dumb but just don't worry .. try praying .. keep praying .. keep hoping and pray .. and one day .. i know that god will help you and every one that comes to him for help.. ill tell you my story I didnt smell like **** before ... was so fricking popular .. then I started smelling like **** for no apparent reason... (25 replies)
... lost my future im just. HERE. THE depression started when i didnt want to hurt anymore at school so i cut off my emotions so nothing would get to me now it won't go away so i take pills for getting out of the rut feeling. ... (25 replies)
... Flipfury I tried your suggestion, I have a non relaxing sphincter, and when I sit it's very hard to take a deep breath, my lower ab seems to suck in not out and the harder I push the more I tighten. ... (9 replies)
... bout. I have a drs appt on March 7th. To describe my pain, I get it only during my menstrual cycle and it stops me in my tracks. If feel like the pain happens when my "poop" is moving thru the canal. It does not hurt when I am going to the bathroom, only right before when it is making its move. ... (5 replies)
... ush hard. I try to eat vegetables and fruits as much as I can and Citrucel as much as i can. Also drink water a lot. But all this is very slow process. I feel my poop is hard still, like stools. ... (5 replies)
... time my stool was relatively normal, about one a day that was formed. I was taking lots of iron for anemia which made them black but didn't seem to make the gut hurt worse than it already did. I cut out gluten and dairy for a month to see if it would help but stools just started to get screwy. Took probiotics as well. ... (0 replies)

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