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... s be expelled ,bloating,constipation,diarrhea,constipation alternating with bouts of explosive diarrhea. The colon sometimes actually goes into a spasm which can cause severe abdominal cramps and with explosive diarrhea. Sometimes it's caused by foods that we eat such as dairy products, acidic,spicy,and gassy foods. ... (1 replies)
... certain this is cause for SOME of my problems. i'm an extremely busy person and would quite frequently say i'm under stress. ... (2 replies)
... I did get my thyroid checked as supposedly this can cause chronic constipation, but it came back normal. ... (2 replies)

... I am a 25 year old female and just today I noticed that my stool was narrower than usual. ... (7 replies)
... Sometimes we are stressed and dont know.Even changes in routine affect our bowels.I wouldnt worry about the narrow stool,im pretty sure thats normal.Its juist the last bits coming out and as this happens your anus closes to cause the narrower stool. ... (4 replies)
... I've cut out dairy for days at a time and still had the same problems. I haven't noticed any other foods that seem to cause more or less problems. ... (4 replies)
... Sudden changes in bowel movement, Narrow stool, Stomach cramping, Blood, weight loss, Tired, incomplete evacuation, unexplained vomiting, gas ,and anemia. ... (8 replies)
... an appointment with a specialist so I can get a colonoscopy done. For over 3 years now I've been having chronic diarrhea and every now and then, normal bm's but narrow stool. I've been feeling much less energetic lately and also, I got hemerrhoids to top it off. The rhoids I thought were gone, but I still get itching. ... (5 replies)
Dark/thin stool
Jul 20, 2003
... You should probably go to the doctor before it gets any worse...meaning you cant go at all or you cause yourself a tear or anything. ... (6 replies)
... s recommended that you take stool softeners that contain fiber to help BM. ... (2 replies)
... Take a stool softener such as Metamucil or Citrucel for a few days prior and after the procedure. ... (131 replies)
... The one manifestation of IBS i've never had is constipation. But three weeks ago, i started having trouble passing stool and it hasn't stopped since. ... (0 replies)
... Hello.. I have been having the same problems.. and it started a year ago (last August).. yellowish stools, and noone seems to worried.. I live in Canada.. so not sure if testing is different. When this all started, i thought I had an infection in my intestines (at that time I also had burning in my stomach along with the totally changed stools than what i was use to)..... (5 replies)
... A year or so after this all started, the stool took on an orange tint. It became paler brown with orange. NOT oily. NO pain. NO blood. Just an orange cast, fiber or not. ... (5 replies)
... legs toe from you hands without loose your body. Keep in this position one two minutes. Be remerber both exercises will be done in morning at empty stomach after stool passing. You may take only light food contained with fiber. You may take triphala churna at night for 3 days in a week. ... (1 replies)
... o'clock at night. This might give your stools a chance to harden a little and so push out more of the dry plug when you do eventually go. You need to keep the stool just soft enough so that it will actually force its way past the 'plug', but it also doesn't want to be too liquidy. ... (14 replies)
Bowel Issues
Aug 13, 2013
... k at least 1 8 oz. glass of water after each dose. This will help to add bulk to your BM's so that they're easier to pass around the internal hemorrhoids and not cause more hemorrhoids either internal and external. ... (1 replies)
... tmnn123 anal stenosis is tricky to fix , your rectum walls are very narrow and tight and will cause you to have very narrow stools and if you have hard stools it will be very difficult to can develop this form not eating enough fiber to bulk up your stools which cause your sphincter to get very will have have a very qualified colorectal... (16 replies)
... time a day with each time the stool softer and narrower than the last. Most times, the stool would even become diarrhea by the 4th or 5th time I go. ... (1 replies)
Jul 9, 2006
... unable to go on my own. First I went over a week and tried to go but I couldn't. I was told to apply pressure to the inside of my vaginal walls to help bring the stool out. This worked a bit but I never felt like I went all the way. Another week or more went by still and no stools at all again. ... (2 replies)

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