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... I too have had this problem off and on for about five years or so.After a run of vomiting and the dry heaves about five years ago I had rectal bleeding after the vomiting stopped.It lasted for about two days and stopped bleeding. ... (6 replies)
... ding. I found it curious that the doctor didn't seem too put off by the bleeding, because from almost everything I've read here and other places on the internet, bleeding is never a symptom of IBS. ... (1 replies)
... of bleeding when I have a bowel movement. ... (3 replies)

... Hi, I'm thinking internal hemorrhoid.This can be banded in a colon/rectal specialists office. About 300 -400 dollars. (3 replies)
Rectal Bleeding
Apr 27, 2018
... Alarmed, I returned to the ER. They did a rectal exam and blood work. Told me that it's probably internal hemorrhoids and that I need to see a GI doctor. Went to see the GI, today. ... (1 replies)
... This happened to me two days ago...I went to urinate, and noticed I was bleeding rectally. ... (0 replies)
... The suppositories stopped the bleeding however, the hemorrhoids are still there and come and go. ... (1 replies)
... it should be checked out by a health care professional. Just to make sure it is not serious. Most blood is caused by hemorrhoids or a rectal fissure. ... (4 replies)
... or hemorrhoids acting up because the bleeding doesn't start until the 2nd or 3rd bowel movement of the day, sorry if that's TMI. ... (1 replies)
... I've been having a lot of digestive issues the past year and have done a lot of reading about it. What I've learned is that the best way to determine what's going on is the colonoscopy and the endoscopy. Everything else is just guesswork. On this and other forums, there are many people who started out with symptoms that did not seem serious and thus they postponed the exams... (3 replies)
... What exactly is your diet like? 25-30 grams of fiber, 60oz of water daily, enough exercize? Try to avoid straining on the toilet, even if you have loose stools, this puts a strain on that area believe it or not. Did your doctor confirm hemmorhoids? You may be able to seek out medical care at low or no cost from your local county health care facility. Good luck and let... (3 replies)
... I think you should be really -- really concerned !! As you know a black stool indicates blood that has been in your intestines long enough to turn from red to black by oxidation -- provided you have not been taking an iron supplement or Pepto Bismol. I think anytime you have rectal bleeding and especially if is maroon or black -- it needs to be checked out to make sure... (11 replies)
Sep 19, 2004
... The past month or so i've noticed an occasional rectal bleeding. I didn't think too much of it because I knew I had not been eating much fiber and had been constipated lately. ... (2 replies)
What next??
Feb 26, 2012
... momths of rectal bleeding and pain on BM and despite colonoscopy and other treatments, unable to determine cause. I have had 4 colonoscopies due to fam hx. ... (1 replies)
... No rectal bleeding but sometimes my bm will have blood streaks, just small bit, on outside of them. Did have one massive bleed but turned out not to be a rectal bleed. Seems i have a urethral caruncle, a prolapse caused by bowel straining and the straining had ruptured the blood vessels. ... (0 replies)
... I have some moderate internal rectal prolapse not full blown as yet. ... (10 replies)
... briefly I have had external hemorroids for a number of years, very occasional bleeding from them, but very slight and very very infrequent. ... (0 replies)
... rectal bleeding about 6 months ago.. lots of blood filling the toilet off and on for two weeks, no pain at that time and no tests were run. ... (2 replies)
... Hello. I came upon this thread and decided to offer my advice. I was diagnosed with colon cancer on May 17th after having a colonoscopy. A 2-3cm. tumor was discovered and the biopsy stated that it was a highly invasive form of cancer. Last summer I had noticed blood in my stools. It wasn't black and tarry. It was ribbons of bright red. I did have a bit of blood... (11 replies)
Whats wrong? Help
Apr 13, 2006
... chronic constipation can develop hemorrhoids, even at your age. Or anal fissures, rectal bleeding, etc. ... (5 replies)

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