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... Im 17 and I've had extremely bad abdominal pain and bloating for over a year now and nothing seems to work. ... (1 replies)
... Hi, I'm new here, my story is complicated but if someone has time to read it and give me any ideas, I would appreciate it so much...Im scared and in agony... ... (0 replies)
... metimes i also feel an ache next to navel or the hip bone as well. Im not sure if these are different pains or related...None of the pains sharp or severe. The pain ranges from a feeling of pressure to the feeling of a pulled muscle to a dull ache. ... (9 replies)

... I have severe ab pain with difficult bowel movements, when I go long formed stool, feels like not complete,no relief in bloating rectum feels numb also urine retention. My gut feels like jello , gastro wants a manometry. Please help anybody been through this? ... (0 replies)
... Probably 6 months ago I started having horrible abdominal pains. It progressively got so bad that I thought I was going to have to go in and get checked out. I just couldn't bear the thought of maybe having to have a colonoscopy! ... (1 replies)
Nov 24, 2004
... I had severe abdominal cramps in June and when I went to the ER they did an appendectomy. The pain came back about 3 weeks later, and after flexible sigmoid colonoscopy it was diagnosed as diverticulitis. The doctor saw pouches, inflammation and spasming of the colon. ... (2 replies)
... I am new to this but I have been getting nowhere with my family MD. I have had for 2 weeks abdominal pain, gas that can kill, and on and off again diarreah. My stomach looks like I am 5 months pregnant from the bloating. ... (1 replies)
... It wasn't cramping really it was just really painful and uncomfortable. Anyway, I have always been constipated but these pains sent me to the doctor after I was bent over in pain all day Easter Sunday. ... (1 replies)
Getting worried.
Jun 3, 2002
... Hello all. I starting to get a little worried now. For the past year I have been experiencing abdominal pain. This pain has been more frequent of late. Sometimes it is severe and some times not so severe. I have been to see my doctor on several accounts. ... (2 replies)
... xpelled ,bloating,constipation,diarrhea,constipation alternating with bouts of explosive diarrhea. The colon sometimes actually goes into a spasm which can cause severe abdominal cramps and with explosive diarrhea. Sometimes it's caused by foods that we eat such as dairy products, acidic,spicy,and gassy foods. ... (1 replies)
Nov 15, 2011
... severe abdominal cramps. ... (1 replies)
Sep 2, 2007
... hi there lee, this is how my symptoms started out years ago and have gradually got worse, not saying that you will just please keep on at your doctors, demand they refer you to a specialist for further investigations. ... (2 replies)
Aug 25, 2007
... except the pain remained. Then, I had a a bout of diarrhea . ... (2 replies)
... This is very embarrassing to me but I don't know what else to do since I can't get to the doctor for a few days. I am 42 yrs old and have never had any major medical problems before so this is scaring me. ... (0 replies)
Jul 22, 2002
... udden, with out warning..and hopefull u r close to a bathroom when it does...u lose weight with this, then gain then lose, me i am losing all the time, i can eat and eat and won't gain a pound, it just seems that food just won't stay in your system... i am including some info 4 u to read.... ... (4 replies)
Loose Orange Stool
Nov 29, 2012
... servings. This could possibly be causing some of your abdominal pain issues. Keep track of what you eat and write down how it affects you like severe cramps abdominal cramps,bloating,gas,loose stools, and maybe even constipation with some foods and medications. IBS can be made worse by anxiety,depression,and stress. ... (2 replies)
Blood in Toilet
Sep 11, 2007
... Perhaps I should not have said "abdominal pain" but "abdominal discomfort". Is gas, cramping, and bloating symptoms of a hemorrhoid? ... (10 replies)
... symptoms are abdominal distension, excessive burping and acute pain under my ribs. I believe it's a hereditary condition, since my uncle burped much of the time and my grandmother died of a twisted bowel. ... (2 replies)
Can anyone help?
Nov 22, 2006
... Back in August I started having lower abdominal discomfort and different bowel habits with accompanying fatigue, then I started to get a pain in the center of my chest by my sternum...I also woke up one night with severe lower back and rectal pain that lasted for like 20 min... ... (3 replies)
... On January 30th I started having severe abdominal pain. My stomach hurt all over and was very tender. Pain was mostly around umbilical area. I have severe GERD so I initially thought that was it. Finally went to doctor on Feb 2nd. He sent me to the ER for a urgent evaluation and CT scan. ... (11 replies)

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