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... Believe me I know and I have never hated a drug as much as that one. I've had 3 colonoscopies since 1991 and I have told the doctors since '91 DO NOT GIVE ME VERSED and they have. I would keep waking up in the middle of the procedure and crying. ... (2 replies)
... Yesterday morning at 8am, I had my first colonoscopy. I am 39, and had noticed blood in the toilet. Fortunately, my colonoscopy was perfectly normal. But I think I've had some issues with the drugs they gave me. ... (2 replies)
... taken as a trial to see how you will react to it then you might be more willing to take it for the procedure through an I.V. You may ask for Benadryl instead of versed or Valium. You can take 50 mg of Benadryl at bedtime and see if you have any adverse side effects. ... (5 replies)

... ndoscopy on Thursday and one of the nurses at the hospital called me to ask me some questions today. I was informed that I will be given IV VERSED. I do not want Versed at all. Alot of people think it's no big deal to have Versed but after a lot of what I have heard about the drug the more I do not want it. ... (5 replies)
... Get sedation if you want it (they will twist your arm at agree to it)........They want you to be amnesic (versed-you often remember little)...propofol-you think that you are asleep, but you are not.........if they did the exam a little more carefully. slowly and maybe with just a touch of painkiller (fentanyl) would not have websites like askapatient or versedbusters... (21 replies)
... I've had an endoscopy both with and without sedation and never again would I do it without. ... (8 replies)
... safe doses of painkillers are given with the Versed and if the amnesia is explained in advance, few problems would occur. ... (21 replies)
... I have them yearly and without sedation they are a little uncomfortable for a few seconds, like gas pains. ... (21 replies)
... I personally know several people in the Pittsburgh area who have had a colonoscopy done with little or no sedation. I think I mentioned before that you could probably have it done with some mild versed. ... (12 replies)
... and it's only in the USA that the sedation is th "standard of care"... ... (12 replies)
... I accompanied my neighbor, a nurse, single mom who had a colonosopy with the usual "cocktail" of the amnesia drug Versed and the painkiller fentanyl. She screamed and begged them to stop, the nurses just laughed and said "she won't remember all of this pain"........... ... (21 replies)
... I also had a very bad reaction , Versed and Fentanyl is what was given to me for colonoscopy and endoscope. ... (2 replies)
... if I had a choice of any of these 3 again, I would get the colonoscopy again. The preperation the day before is not to fun but the procedure is easy. ... (16 replies)
... (Quote Removed) I just called the last of the GI docs here in Pittsburgh, PA and couldn't find one that would do the exam without the "conscious sedation" ...... even though I was able to talk to at least a few of the actual docs and they said it wasn't that painful; it's just easier for them to do with Versed and they don't want the patient to remember the procdure (they... (12 replies)
... I had had conscious sedation for cataract removal and felt alert while it was going on and like myself by the second day. I wish I had asked the oral surgeon more questions! ... (2 replies)
... (15 replies)
... My Doc has me taking Diltiazem, Colace and lots of Fiber. I have a followup on the 17th of December. At that time, if things are doing okay, he'll schedule me a colonoscopy to rule out potential other causes for my bleeding. ... (15 replies)
... not for pain control.........if I have bad pain, give me fentanyl, not a drug like versed that is supposed to make me "forget" the pain.this makes no sense.... ... (21 replies)
Jul 15, 2005
... To sedate me, I was given demerol for the pain, and versed as a "conscious sedation". ... (15 replies)
... Basically for all colonoscopy's they use twilight as a form of anethesia. With twilight you won't remember a thing. It does put you to sleep. It is a coctail of two different medications, usually demmerol and versed. They use twilight so that you do not have to have a breathing tube in your throat. You wake up much quicker and is generally a lighter sedation. I have never... (6 replies)

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