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Over the past 3 months I have experienced a weird sensation where it feels like blood is leaving my head and I get light-headed and faint. Sometimes, when I walk, I get really nauseous and have to sit down to prevent myself from throwing up. I fall asleep and wake up a lot during the night. Sometimes it feels like there is an earthquake in my head, but nothing is shaking. Whenever I sit upright, or walk around I start to get that light-headed pressure buildup in my head. My ears feel like they're about to pop from air pressure, and sometimes my ears will ring, and I'll get inner ear pains that come and go. Doctors have looks at my ears and sinuses and say it all looks good. It's scary to me because one time I was sitting upright, at my computer, and all of a sudden it felt like I got really nauseous, and my head got extremely hot, and there was an intense pressure on my forehead and chest, as if there was a vice squeezing on it, and I started hyperventilating. I've had panic attacks before and this felt nothing like it. All the way leading up to this episode I started having the weird head pressure thing and I just ignored it because I didn't know how to explain what was happening to a doctor, and he's already ruled out any serious diseases, that he knows of. I'm just worried this will keep getting worse, or if it's something serious that they can't find, like cancer or something. I've read similar symptoms of these in things like anemia, except my blood levels all looked normal, last time I checked, but it feels almost identical to what anemia feels like. I just hope it's not serious.

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