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Welcome to the board. I don't know too much about pineal cysts but had a bit of information to share. If I were in your shoes, I don't think I would believe the doctors telling you the pineal cyst could not be causing your symptoms.

Have you had previous imaging of your head? I am wondering if they know if you have developed the cyst recently....

I think a 1.5 mm size is big enough to be concerned. A pineal cyst can be a type of pineal tumor and I would think, needs to be investigated further.

The following is from the NIH so I think I can post it.

PINEAL CYSTS: Although the majority of cysts are asymptomatic, when they do cause symptoms, a patient should seek treatment. It is important to have a medical professional determine whether you have a pineal cyst or a cystic tumor, especially if the cyst is large or has signs of atypical features. Pineal cysts occur three times more in women than they do men, typically within the age range of twenty to thirty years old. A craniotomy would be performed as a standard treatment to remove a pineal cyst; however, less invasive procedures have been used such as: stereotactic aspiration or endoscopic treatments.

Good luck to you both!

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