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Sep 9, 2015
I was a healthy active 43 year old when last year July I woke up sick. I had symptoms of the flu and and ear infection but I knew this wasn't the case. It was something more serious. I had no changes in my life prior to the illness, no obvious bites, rashes or other. My symptoms were: (all right sided) blurred vision, flashing lights, spots and shapes, head aches, numbness and tingling in my cheek, ringing, pain and fullness of my ear, vertigo, dizziness, confusion, slurred speech, unable to complete sentences. Several months pass and I only lose seeing shapes. My condition gets better but never 100%. I have weeks where I am sick but it appears to be only my ear still being affected daily. After sometime my health fails drastically and I get all the symptoms back worse than before. Slowly over the 14 months I can add swelling in my lips, neck and face all right side, sore throat, difficulty swallowing. And auditory hallucinations.(I hear repeqtative noises like an alarm clock or music but I can't make out much except instruments and the genre. I am now at the point that my symptoms are daily and at a scale of 6-10 on a pain, disabled level. No one can figure this out. I'm bed ridden for 3 weeks now and have daily vertigo and all other symptoms back daily. I'm not sure if my body will eventually give up or this will kill me. I cannot see a specialist or do further tests for up to 1 year due to wait lists. Hospitals are diagnosing me with Meneire's so that would satisfy their conclusions without doing tests and if I accept this there is no cure. I suffer. Any thoughts or suggestions as to how to direct doctors to face the fact that this is something acute that standard blood tests don't cover?

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