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Cerebellum Atrophy
Dec 5, 2015
[FONT="Palatino Linotype"] HI my name is Janice I have been told I have Cerebellum Atrophy I am hoping someone can clue me in on what my future holds how bad this is going to get how soon it will be and what to expect I suffer from Migraines a herniated disc in my lower back and in my neck I have had shots in my back and neck I have had shots to stop pain in my are I also have epilepsy I have had 3 seizers the last one was a little scary I ran a red light lucky I was not hit . How fast is this going to come on me will it be months years or ? I know everyone is different but in general thee should be a common time frame of some much time goes by that some symptoms should be seen, all my life I have been clumsy, uncoordinated, I was having my finger in things my head banging on things tripping over things and as a adult it was hell with a knife in my hand I was always stabbing myself cutting myself and dropping the kniife I dropped the knife a fillet knife one time it feel to the floor and stabbed me in the foot on my the tor and stuck in my toe who does this crap only me it happens to HONESTLY I was filleting catfish and trying to get the the skin started and the fillet knife bounced of the fish and went through my index finger whihc I had to stop to get a band aid and then continue to filleting the cat fish I had about 17 or 20 of them to do, I fell over the toilet one day, I stub my toes a lot I open the door on my foot and bashed my toes with it stubbed my pinky toe on the corner of the wall stubbed my toes on the washer. I am so clumbsy so how will I know when it is this Cerebellum Atrophy or not [/FONT]

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