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I'm a father of two boys (4&6) and I'm struggling with undiagnosed headaches, shoulder pain, back pain for the last few months. the headaches are always present but hurt most when I lay down at night. Back of the head and feels like blood is rushing into it all the time. Makes it hard to sleep so I know have to sleep sitting up or I will wake with massive pain in back of head and whatever side of head I am laying on. During the day it is more pressure that is ever present same with the body pains. Been to the ER and they did a ct brain scan and said everything looked fine, neurologist said it was migraines but thought it was strange that it doesn't go away so he ordered a mri that I'm waiting for. My doctor says its just stress but everyday it seems I'm experiencing more issues. Starting to wonder if it's brain cancer or lung cancer since this all started with pain under right ribs and under shoulder blade.the headaches started about 5 weeks ago. Any advice would be appreciated cause I'm scared and am the only parent in my kids lives at the moment. Typed this
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