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Hello all,

To start, I am 18 years old and have no damage to my head.

Over the past month I have been on my computer anywhere from 5-12 hours depending on the day (I program/code in my spare time). Two weeks ago or so, after having been on my computer for several hours I would begin to have issues focusing on my computer screen. I could focus on anything else, but just trying to look at a full page of code and trying to register it all in at once instead of looking at each individual word just didnt seem to want to happen. Therefore I would get off of my computer when that happened. This happened every now and then for the last two weeks. Now, about three or so days ago this happened one night, and it seemed much worse than usual. I woke up the next morning and I've felt like that ever since.

The symptoms I am now experiencing are almost as if I am disconnected from reality, spaced out, and everything just feels extremely surreal. I have my basic motor skills, I can pretty much do anything normal with my body, but it just doesn't feel normal in my head; almost as if I am just in my body and it is moving itself even though I know I am controlling it. It feels like I am living one large dream, and it is the most terrifying and depressing thing I've ever felt. I have also been extremely fatigued the last few days, and have slept a lot more than usual and am almost always tired. I have lost any want to do anything physical. I've lost much of my appetite and when I stand for a good amount of time I will end up getting dizzy and the symptoms will worsen until I sit down.

My vision has seemed extremely different as well. I can see things fine as I have a 20/13 vision supposedly. But the issue is that it seems to take much more energy and time to focus. My eyes are much more sensitive to light. When I turn my head or change what I am looking at it seems to take much longer to re-focus my eyes. Also, I have a very hard time now going on computers or watching TV. I can use my phone fairly well (still is annoying) as the screen is smaller, but larger screens seem to almost be unusable now as I dont seem to be able to take in all that is on the screen. I need to focus in on smaller parts rather than just viewing the whole screen. Therefore, I haven't been able to code at all and this is drastically hurting my life.

Yes, this is very weird and it is extremely difficult to explain, and I believe I've failed to properly explain it to doctors until now because no one seems to take me seriously.

There are more symptoms, but since this post is getting lengthy I have written them in a google doc https://docs(DOT)google(DOT)com/document/d/1qzMSjUD3Wndgxnr6z79MydEOdd_wExLWAxMfn81nC6M/edit?usp=sharing

About three days ago I went to a ophthalmologist (eye doctor) and I was told I have 20/13 vision (very good) and a little bit of dryness in my eyes and was given systane drops. The drops have not helped.

Last night I was feeling worse than ever so I went to my pediatrician. I was told that I have a high blood pressure and to see a cardiologist the following morning. Later in the night I was feeling extremely terrible and I had a severe headache so I went to the emergency room at a great hospital in regards to cardiology. My blood pressure was deemed fine there. They gave me a CT scan (CAT scan) and everything was fine (despite a tiny 3mm cyst that they said was nothing serious at all). They also drew blood and said it was all fine. The only thing the doctor noticed was a bit congestion, and that I may have a sinus infection. So now I am using nasal spray, but it doesnt seem to help at all.

I am going to go to a neurologist ASAP... but I am extremely worried that this will never go away from what I have read on it. And given I am fairly depressed in general, this has made that even worse and I fear I honestly will be driven crazy eventually and do something permanent one day if this persists for a while.

I will take ANY HELP I can get, I am really desperate at this point. Thank you for your time and sorry for the lengthy post.

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