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I have been experiencing a very strange symptom and I was hoping that someone on these boards could identify it. Basically, if I rub a specific section of skin on my body I can also feel a sensation in another part of the body. I can feel the touch on the original part, but on the other location I will feel from just tingling to a sensation of being touched in that location also. For example, if I rub a specific section of my left arm I will feel a tingling sensation on the left side of my face. But I touch a specific location on my left hand I will also feel a sensation of being touched on the elbow. This all started in one spot on the left side and now it is in multiple locations left and right side.

But, what really has me worried is what I noticed today. Rubbing a specific spot on my right rib on the top will create a burning sensation deep on the shaft of my penis! this sensation is not on the skin like on the other places but deep. Sometimes I feel it up to my anus. While taking a shower, if the warm water touches that specific spot on the rib I will get a constant burning sensation on my penis. this is very different from the other places - when wet the issue goes away. In this case anything that irritates that specific spot on the rib will create a burning sensation down there.

Any info on what this might be would be greatly helpful. I will of course be making an appointment with a neuro

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