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I am a 33 yr old female, with quite a few issues. I starts by listing all symptoms.

Difficulty concentrating
Memory loss
Widespread pain
Sharp pains
Burning scalp
Neck and back pain
Numbness in arms and hands
Difficulty walking
My hair has started falling out

These are the tests I have had done:

Tilt table test- positive for POTs
Muscle biopsy- negative
EMG - first was positive second was negative
MRI - first showed lesions on spine. ( not in the chord itself) second MRI showed brain lesions
Tested for Lyme disease twice- negative
Bloodwork- all normal
No vitamin deficiencies
No parasites
No type of bacteria
Lumbar puncture - few more white blood cells than what they would've liked to have seen
Currently waiting on recent MRI results
Fibromyalgia- negative
Lupus- negative
Arthritis- negative
Colonoscopy- few polyps ( negative)
Tried gluten free diet
Tried all fruit and vegetable diet
Tried all natural supplements
Not exercising
I have been placed on lyrica- doesn't help
Propanol- doesn't help
Baclofen- helps some
Vitamin D - not sure if it helps


All doctors ask this first, I'm not in any manner depressed, I'm disappointed and aggregated as this is my 3rd year dealing with this, and still no diagnosis.
I have tried everything I can, I am physically in so much pain now and it's increasing. I am not able to function most days and I'm soon to lose my job because of this. I have children that I am too exhausted to even engage with. I am irritable due to the extreme pain. I don't go anywhere or do anything because it will put me down for a few days. The only time I'm not in complete pain is when sleeping and I don't sleep well already. Anyone that may be going through this please comment.
Hello Bambi,

First I am no medical doctor. You mentioned that you have a brain lesion. Depending on the size of this lesion and where it is located could be your problem. I too have a brain lesion. In medical reports they use the term lesion. After extensive research, the term lesion means a brain tumor. I have a lesion in the left ventricle of the brain located in the anterior horn. What does this mean. Well I have a brain tumor. I think you may also have a brain tumor and this may be causing you the headaches. Did they tell you how large it was? If not you should find out. I would if I were you see a neurologist. Hope this helps.


[QUOTE=Bambi13;5411903]Thanks so very much yes they did those tests as well and negative, I got my MRI results and it's stated asymmetrical ventriculs and tonsillar ectopia of 3 mm, so I hoping maybe this could be the diagnosis I been waiting years on!!![/QUOTE]

I hope you can definitely get to the bottom of this. Do keep in mind that Lyme disease can go to the brain, and it is known to cause brain lesions and abnormalities to show up in MRI scans. So don't count Lyme disease out as a possibility. Many people with symptoms like yours have turned out to have Lyme disease, even though they tested negative. I do still think you should post about your symptoms in the Lyme disease section this board.

Another thing docs might suggest is Chiari Malformation. Which is hard to get a solid diagnosis for and there isn't much treatment for it. However, big suprised...Lyme disease is known to cause Chiari Malformation too. It is a bit of a confusing tangled web. Keep us posted!

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