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(This is my first time to write here. I am not a native English speaker so please bear with my writing)
My sister has been hospitalized more than 1 week for inpatient PT due to her mysterious conditions. This time it started about 2 weeks ago. She could not get up from a chair. Her legs were both shaky so that she could not walk. Her husband took her to nearby ER and now she is hospitalized. For over 10 years her illness has not been identified fully. She went to see many neurologists but any of them could not diagnose her condition. Her legs get shaky and sometimes uncontrollably move. Her muscles in her legs get contracted so bad. Some doctors said it's due to Dystonia (unknown cause) and some said it could be MS. She got MRI on brain and it shows small white spots but the doctor ordered the test could not conclude it was MS. Then next test was spinal tap (done about a week ago). The initial reading did not show the sign of MS. Now we are talking about Lyme disease. It might be possible to be undiagnosed for Lyme more than 10 years.....? Everyone gets puzzled. Now in the hospital, she is under so much pain in her cervical area besides her weaken legs therefore she has been bed bound for 2 weeks.She is currently on a muscle relaxant, anti-anxiety, and Lyrica. She will be seen by a movement disorder specialist next week. We do not know what to expect. She is 37 with two small kids. In order to receive a disability benefit, she need to be diagnosed.....right? We are all exhausted mentally and physically to deal with this mysterious condition.
Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading.

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