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Hello my name is Allyson and I am 21 years old. I want to give you a sort of timeline of whatís been going on with me. I have been healthy all of my life. I was hospitalized one time when I was younger and it was because I had muscle paralysis. I just woke up one morning and couldnít use my legs. We never figured anything out about that because it fixed itself the next day. I had been healthy from then on to now. When I was 19 my first year of college I developed tinnitus, headaches, and fatigue for about 2 weeks. I just slept through it. It was nothing too worrisome because all of those symptoms went away after those 2 weeks completely. Last winter all those symptoms came back. It had been a little over a year since my last symptoms. I knew exactly what was about to happen because it once again started with the tinnitus and stiff neck. This time though it took it to a whole new level. My vision got so bad that I could only see what was right in front of me. I had numbness that started in my ring finger and worked its way up. I had bad headaches too and the tinnitus was so loud that my family could hear it just by sticking their head near mine. One morning I was feeling particularly terrible. I went to my 2 hour physiology lab and endured the whole thing while experiencing some weird things. My mouth started watering like it does before youíre going to throw up. I was extremely warm even though the school is always cold. I remember just getting up at the end of class and calling my mother in the rest room because the left side of my body started to go numb. I was also extremely dizzy. I could barely walk. My mom picked me up in her car and as soon as it started to move I had to get out and throw up twice. We went to urgent care and they prescribed me nausea medicine, Excedrin, and muscle relaxers. I was extremely frustrated. The very next day we went to the eye doctor to see if maybe I needed glasses. The doctor found that I had optic neuritis and said I had pseudo tumor cerebri. I didnít have insurance at the time but I went out and got some and scheduled me an appointment with a neurologist. After that episode everything cleared up like It had never happened. It had lasted 3 weeks and ended with the throwing up and whole left side body numbness. I havenít really had anything happen except muscle spasms, shoots of pain in my limbs, and tight squeezing around my abdomen. I saw the neurologist and she told me about the dangers of pseudotumor. She looked in my eyes and only found something in my left eye. I think she was looking for the same thing the eye doctor saw. She scheduled me for MRI, MRA, MRV, Lumbar puncture, and blood work. I had the lumbar puncture Oct. 31st so like 5 days ago and I was feeling great before it, but afterwards when I got home I had really bad muscle spasms and threw up. My opening pressure was 46 which is high, but I really hadnít been feeling bad. They told me that I would feel better probably after they did the lp. 2 days ago I started having problems with my hearing and it hurts my head when I cough or sneeze. My tinnitus is gone but it sounds like I have underwater hearing. I have tried getting ahold of my neurologist and interventional radiology, but not much luck. Should I be worried? Iíve not felt this bad in a while. Any feedback would really help. I have a neurology apt the 16th to discuss what is going on. Should I just hold off on getting my hearing checked out till then? Iím just a little worried because I have never had a problem with my ears. Thank you.

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