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Ive been suffering for 2 years after my son was born, Symptoms started 3 months after.... It started with twitches, neck pain, throat pain, numbness.

6 months ago it then progressed to Pulsating Humming in my right ear that corelates with my heart beat, numbness in my nose and check, tingling sensation in my check, base of skull pain, throat burning.

This last week: Pressure in my face and head while sitting or standing. When I look down while standing it feel likes SEVERE pressure in my sinuses and face, dizzy, nauseous, and a weird sensation of something in my throat and a bad metallic taste. Skull base pain and headache. When I look back up the symptoms go away bit. The longer I sit the more numb my face gets and it goes too my fingers. I also have popping/cracking noises in my ears and head when I'm upright. All my symptoms go away when I lay flat down and appear when Im up. What is this!!!!

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