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Hi Brent,
Can you remember back to when these symptoms first started, and what was going on in your life? Did you move, change jobs, anything real physically demanding that was not a normal every day thing? Or go through a lot of stress?
I am asking because your symptoms may be coming from something that is very treatable and easy to treat, as I went through this years ago, and still get therapy for it occasionally but doctors almost always miss the source or checking a person for this.
The cause could easily be the deep muscles in your neck and upper back and shoulder blades. People and even doctors seem to think a person has to be in pain to have this problem, but they do not. Stress alone can cause it, or overuse such as heavy lifting etc.
What happens is the muscles tense up, form knots, and this does not go away, it may settle down, but then the symptoms start. The knots put pressure on the blood vessels going to the brain affecting the oxygen supply, causing the light headedness, the dizzy spells, the lack of even short term memory, the confusion, even the trouble with lights, and many other symptoms, to where a person feels like they are going crazy. I went through this for 6 months.
I got almost immediate help and relief by a physical therapist working on those muscles, where the knots were released and this takes the pressure off the blood vessels and relieves you of the symptoms.
Years ago soft tissue work was what I had, it worked very well, but was painful. Now the therapist does Counter Strain. It is very gentle, you are put in a position, that releases the knot in the muscle, then after a few minutes, they move on to the next one.
You can easily check yourself by putting one hand on the opposite shoulder and squeezing very firm. There should not be any pain, but if there is, and you get pressure in your head and face, this is most likely the cause, and you should get in to a physical therapist as soon as you can.
I know how hard it is to live with these symptoms. Also, our muscles have a memory, so even to this day, if I overdo it physically, I end up with the symptoms coming on again, and go back occasionally. I hope this helps you.

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