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About 3 weeks ago I started having blurry vision and tinnitus and a pressure feeling in head after strenuous exercise. Feeling like I can't pop my ears. Since then I haven't slept passed 6 am. I find it hard to concentrate at work and been in a brain fog since then.

Optometrist says everything looks ok inside and issued me glasses. My doc thought it was related to blood pressure, but since then I've lost weight (10 lbs and blood pressure went down to 130/90. They did a brain MRI and they said it looked fine. I can move my eyes if I make them, but I don't really react to movement well. Not sure if thats because the blurry vision or tinnitus.

I've looked up the symptoms of high blood pressure in head. Does this sound like it? Only thing I havent done is thrown up.

Anyone have this before?

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