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Strange symptoms?
Sep 15, 2017
About a month ago my started having twitches on my face, mostly eye and lip. That subsided and I started having a feeling like chills on my head, on one side or another. Then muscle twitches in my legs and hands, both sides, but not at once. Yesterday I woke up with a headache, not unusual because I have sleep apnea; but at one point in the morning I got the chills on the left side of my head but this time it spread to the left side of my face, felt like pins and needles, then like my face had been shot with Novocain. Went away after a while and took aleve for headache. No slurred speech or weakness and no drooping. I have been treated for recurring outer ear infections and sinus infections for almost a year. Every couple of months I have to take Ceftin for 10 days. I need to see ENT obviously. I have an appt with neuro on 9/17. Just really nervous about the chills feeling on head and what happened with my face yesterday. Also the muscles twitching, though it is not painful. Does anyone have any thoughts on what this sounds like? Googling is just freaking me out.

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