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[QUOTE=JohnR41;5492323]I don't know but the first thing that comes to mind is lack of blood flow. You know it's like sleeping on your arm a certain way and it gets numb. It's usually from lack of blood flow. Although, I'm not sure how that would happen to your face. Did you sleep on your face perhaps combined with low blood pressure? Do you take medication? I took medication once before going to bed and my whole left side was numb when I woke up.[/QUOTE]

I don't take any medication. I woke up about 6 months ago with all these head sensations + severe anxiety. It seems the top half of my face gets numb and my ears.
[QUOTE=MSNik;5492333]Is your whole face numb or just your nose? Circulation could be part of the problem - put a pillow on each side of your head and try to sleep on your back and see if it helps.[/QUOTE]

My whole face down to the top of my mouth. My nose just feels a bit congested and I can hear something crack and and pressure relieving.

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