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I'm still suffering daily w/ massive head-pressure that started 10 yrs. ago & I
hope we'll get some med-students to read! Mine started after a plane descent.
1 ear didn't pop & a few days later this weird sensation ocurred in my head. Felt
like a helium-head! Alittle more each week. Later it worsened while sitting, in
elevators, windy day. *8 yrs., 16 docs, many new symptoms, 3 ear-tubes,
things got serious & had 4 major surgeries. My theory, a nerve or vessel shut
off in msg. to brain to `flow a signal' to open. Infllamation & edema backed
up. I saw many specialists & was dismissed. Then a rare tumor formed & wasn't
addressed. Why? I had all your tests by Top-Docs. My reg. Dr.= `info that was
not sent or withheld would've helped me.' A simple Coronal CT found my tumor. My case went to extreme. My head-pressure is still there & worse. Dr. is now
retired & back to 6 Neuro's & counting. My idea: it's the CSF `spinal-fluid' off
in the spine & skull. Inflammation in surrounding tissue is causing edema & lack
of venting. My best desciption is `my skull feels like it can't accomodate the
insides!' I wake at 2:00am +, from sound sleep. CSF shifts more to head on a
supine position. Sitting changes CSF in spine. Tissue swells w/ weather like folks w/ arthritis can predict rain. My pressure is relieved by 1 mg alprazolam or 1 Lortab 5. The only thing they have in commom is both effect a small channel
in part of the brain to release a spasm. I've tried so many drugs from Prozac to
anti-spasm/anti-inflammation. My Dr. retired & now no one will agree w/ this
idea. 20 min. of reading `head is tilted chin dwn' will trigger pressure. Last MRI
said `all good!' Copy I got from lab says sm. spurs in C2 of neck + bulges or
cysts at C5. I think if spine-fluid is changed chemically= relief! Anxiety changes
chemicals in brain so we respond. I don't get anxiety at 2:00am sleeping. Yet
we get inflammation while asleep & CSF is more towards skull. 10 yrs. of my
researching says I'm right-on. Ask for vascular imaging? I'm now hse-bound &
function slow. I hope I can connect w/ anyone that has an answer. I've been
to some top clinics. In my case, a colleague is sacred! I need to get-out-of
Dodge! By law, you can get copies of reports. I say `for home health file use!'
The stuff I read about me is sooo different than what was told. Try trial of
short anxiety meds that you control when to take. Paxil, Neurontin, etc..made
me a Zombie & co.'s rich. Many pills a day make you need more. Alprazolam is
also a `smooth muscle relaxant' & not just for anxiety. Let me know if you're a
helium head?

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