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Dear Lo, I read your post about having head pressure and was wondering if you get bad headaches and if you have fuzzy vision with ringing in your ears? I had been treated for over 10 years for migraines and just recently been diagnose :wave: d with intracranial hypertension. It is caused from having too much spinal fluid around the brain and it causes pain and pressure. It can be serious if not treated because it can lead to blindness. If I were you, would go to see a neurologist, and ask him about hypertension, because the only test for it is a spinal tap to see if you have increased pressure around the brain. Of course, all this may be due to anxiety, but better to be safe than sorry. Hope this helped. Take care and God Bless,SusieQ
I'm still suffering daily w/ massive head-pressure that started 10 yrs. ago & I
hope we'll get some med-students to read! Mine started after a plane descent.
1 ear didn't pop & a few days later this weird sensation ocurred in my head. Felt
like a helium-head! Alittle more each week. Later it worsened while sitting, in
elevators, windy day. *8 yrs., 16 docs, many new symptoms, 3 ear-tubes,
things got serious & had 4 major surgeries. My theory, a nerve or vessel shut
off in msg. to brain to `flow a signal' to open. Infllamation & edema backed
up. I saw many specialists & was dismissed. Then a rare tumor formed & wasn't
addressed. Why? I had all your tests by Top-Docs. My reg. Dr.= `info that was
not sent or withheld would've helped me.' A simple Coronal CT found my tumor. My case went to extreme. My head-pressure is still there & worse. Dr. is now
retired & back to 6 Neuro's & counting. My idea: it's the CSF `spinal-fluid' off
in the spine & skull. Inflammation in surrounding tissue is causing edema & lack
of venting. My best desciption is `my skull feels like it can't accomodate the
insides!' I wake at 2:00am +, from sound sleep. CSF shifts more to head on a
supine position. Sitting changes CSF in spine. Tissue swells w/ weather like folks w/ arthritis can predict rain. My pressure is relieved by 1 mg alprazolam or 1 Lortab 5. The only thing they have in commom is both effect a small channel
in part of the brain to release a spasm. I've tried so many drugs from Prozac to
anti-spasm/anti-inflammation. My Dr. retired & now no one will agree w/ this
idea. 20 min. of reading `head is tilted chin dwn' will trigger pressure. Last MRI
said `all good!' Copy I got from lab says sm. spurs in C2 of neck + bulges or
cysts at C5. I think if spine-fluid is changed chemically= relief! Anxiety changes
chemicals in brain so we respond. I don't get anxiety at 2:00am sleeping. Yet
we get inflammation while asleep & CSF is more towards skull. 10 yrs. of my
researching says I'm right-on. Ask for vascular imaging? I'm now hse-bound &
function slow. I hope I can connect w/ anyone that has an answer. I've been
to some top clinics. In my case, a colleague is sacred! I need to get-out-of
Dodge! By law, you can get copies of reports. I say `for home health file use!'
The stuff I read about me is sooo different than what was told. Try trial of
short anxiety meds that you control when to take. Paxil, Neurontin, etc..made
me a Zombie & co.'s rich. Many pills a day make you need more. Alprazolam is
also a `smooth muscle relaxant' & not just for anxiety. Let me know if you're a
helium head?
Fo, No spinal tap. Colleague comradery exists & no one wants to step on toes of their buddies. Wk'd in MD field
for 25 yrs. Push an Rx & go to Hawaii even! I begged for
everything & had to leave town for help. Pieced things together to dx. my own tumor. A `tap' only shows results if attack of csf is going on at that moment. If you have meningitis, it will show. CSF can change from
sitting, standing, rain. Friend went thru 5 before something was found & she came hm in a wheelchair.
Guess it was done wrong? She could walk 2 weeks later
but it scared me. Many techs send out wrong blood results because they're tired or don't time it. Some days
I resemble a mass allergy attack w/ puffy eyes, etc.
Many allergy tests still = neg. I found on my own, I'm
allergic to red dye 40 if taken alot. Dr. said not true! I
deliberately ate a box of `red-hots' while at ofc. 1 hr.
later he was giving me a shot & meds. I was covered in
hives! He then said it was caused by stress. Closed
minds are keeping us ill. What happens when your head
pressure lessens? Any wet nose, ears, sore throat? Any
burning or puffy eyes? Sounds like allergy symptoms but
those can happen w/ a csf leak & trigger inflammation.
Leak can seal up off/on. You make csf daily. I know what 4 yrs+ of misery is like & the $ too. Michael Fox is
an ex. of why? He had Parkinsons yrs before they new.
He had $ & resources & could push for dx. I do know that an ANA test = pos. everytime. Rheumatologist I go
to says it's significant for an auto-immune disorder of
unknown origin I have. Do you get dbl-vision w/ any attacks? Get your reports & a pattern will start. Not hard to interpret. Stay in touch.

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