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Wow. I found this site thru a search engine. I have been feeling a tingling sensation in my scalp also for a few years now. It will come and go with no regularity. I describe mine as if you were to be wearing a baseball cap snug for a while and then take it off. You still kinda feel like you have it on. Also I feel the tip of my right ear as if someone was lightly squeezing it, but not painful. There are no other symptoms I can tell. It just drives you nuts when you resting and most times by now when I am busy I just put it out of my mind. I am taking no drugs, but about 11 years ago I tried to take 32 sominex sleeping pills 2 different times. There is a history of cancer in my family and that has me worried too. I am just hoping that it is stress.........emotional and physical.

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