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[QUOTE=ashpie]I can't stand this anymore...for the last 9 days I have been in a brain fog and it is not getting better..I can barely keep my eyes open, can't focus even to read sometimes,can't speak right things come out like d-do or chr-christmas..I even said something backwards..I feel like my brain is soo slow and having a conversation is impossible because I have to stop and think about what I'm gonna say..I went to my doc and he says it is stress.he ordered blood work for thyroid and ebv but hasn't come back..anyone have any suggestions??I also have pressure in my head and face, ear fullness..I am scared I could have a brain tumor..would a tumor show on a catscan?? I had a normal ct scan in oct. for pressure in my neck[/QUOTE]

Hello, many of the symptoms you are describing can come from the thyroid or allergies and doctors really do have a hard time finding anything in tests if it is allergies, it will show up if it is your thyroid. I spent months feeling like this and found out my thyroid was not working at all, that is now taken care of. I also spend summers feeling this way if I do not take allergy medicine because i have so many allergies. Do some research yourself, pay attention to when you feel better and when you feel worse, you may be able to pinpoint the problem like i did. My allergy symptoms are way worse when the weather gets nice, sometimes I feel great, other times I wake up feeling drugged and have trouble thinking, my ears and head feel full, my thyroid symptoms came on slowly and gradually and did not get better but just plain got worse. Allegra is the only med. that helps me, no over the counter as I have so many allergies, but it does sound like you may have them too. Did the weather change 9 days ago? Anyway, hope I have helped you just a little. Also, you may want to try an over the counter allergy med, see which one the pharmacist recommends, maybe this is all it is. Good luck to you

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