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[QUOTE=ashpie]I can't stand this anymore...for the last 9 days I have been in a brain fog and it is not getting better..I can barely keep my eyes open, can't focus even to read sometimes,can't speak right things come out like d-do or chr-christmas..I even said something backwards..I feel like my brain is soo slow and having a conversation is impossible because I have to stop and think about what I'm gonna say..I went to my doc and he says it is stress.he ordered blood work for thyroid and ebv but hasn't come back..anyone have any suggestions??I also have pressure in my head and face, ear fullness..I am scared I could have a brain tumor..would a tumor show on a catscan?? I had a normal ct scan in oct. for pressure in my neck[/QUOTE]

Ash, I've posted many times. Folks need to read past posts that apply.
Anyway, I have the same problem (10yrs), many dr's, tests, scans &
surgeries. If all tumors showed up, less posts for answers. Think positive,
but a CT of brain/head, won't show a tumor in ear or sinus. A Coronal CT,
(nose-in CT) might. A tumor has to be larger than 1cm for the radiologist
to care. Report may find a shadow or a fluid cyst. Mine was found after 8
yrs. of complaining abt hd-prssr & ear fullness. Weather changes, elevators,
aggravated prssr much worse. ENT's, Neuro's, CT's, MRI's, meds, didn't find
problem. 2 Coronal CT re-reads by surgeons dismissed things as a `what U
see, isn't!' Face swelled bad & I went to radiology lab to top guy. Saw my
swelling & knew MD's were off + their report. He ordered a new re-read from
a different guy to detail the film. He was not supplied other reports. His report
said: infection or heavy opacification of unknown filled sinuses w/ damage to
surrounding bone. I took report to surgeon, had endoscopic pathology. It
came back as a rare form of cancer-tumor that destroys bone from infection.
What a difference! Dr. admitted wrong & sent me to a specialist. 4 surgeries
later I'm well & yet I still have massive hd-prssr. You must get copies of any
thing done. It's patient-rights by law. I believe inflammation & edema ocurr
from the spine (csf-fluid) & cause a plumbing problem in the vessels of head.
I call mine `Helium-Head'. Laying flat or walking helps some. A med. for stress-
anxiety, Xanax, is worth a try. I had a tantrum at a dr's ofc & he finally ordered
a MRI w/dye of Cervical Spine. Finally, report showed multiple spurs in upper
neck near skull base, multiple bulges w/ a herniation dwn to T1 area. These
could be causing CSF back-up. Spurs are poss. cause of prssr on nerves that
trigger ear-fullness. I can't read a bk. unless I hold it up. Sitting w/ chin dwn
starts the head. I found a Neuro. out of town to see me end of Dec. Hope
he has an open mind! One day things will click w/ a dr. for you. Take charge
& be nice but aggressive. Stay in touch w/ other symptoms like your ear?
It might be a nerve, hypertension, compression. My tumor was the focus of
`cause of prssr.' Turns out, hd-prssr was the cause of the brain msg. being
shorted. I still write & speak w/ reversed words alot. I see objects in my head
but the word doesn't come out till later. Math skills have declined. I don't have
anxiety until I have a dr. appt! Use to wk. w/ Dr's & now I'm on the other side.
Ins. will sometimes warrant tests ordered. Lousy but true. Journal your days
& symptoms. MD's hate Net info but you're making their car pymnt! We don't
all have the same thing but we all have the same symptom! If folks keep writing
here, we'll form a match-up of cause. Everyone, please stay in touch?

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